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4 Trending Items to Watch for Winter 2018

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James Moylan

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

screened-in patio in Fairfax County, Virginia with Infratech heaters and motorized retractable Phantom screens (4).jpg

4 Brands to Consider for Your Next Home Update

Are you looking to create a new outdoor living area in your home, or do you want to renovate an outdated existing space? If so, here are four brands that have been seriously trending into 2018 and why you’ll want to keep your eye on them for your upcoming project.

What are the Costs of Using an Outdoor Fireplace in Maryland?

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James Moylan

Thursday, March 02, 2017

burning stone fireplace in a screened porch backyard clifton virginia

Long-Term Costs of Operating an Outdoor Fire Feature in Bethesda, Maryland

Nothing provides quite the same blend of ambiance and function as an outdoor fire feature, but many people wonder about price. With so many fire features to choose from, which one is going to provide all the aesthetic beauty and functional warmth without breaking the bank?

This article compares three of the most common fire feature types: natural wood-burning fireplaces, biofuel fireplaces, and natural gas fires. For the sake of comparison, electric heaters are also included below. While not a traditional fire feature, they are a common alternative for those looking to heat their outdoor spaces.

Best 2017 Fire Pit Designs

Posted in: fireplace, deck add-ons, outdoor heaters, porch add-ons, Outdoor Fireplaces, outdoor accessories, EcoSmart Fireplaces, Porch and Deck Accessories, fire pit

James Moylan

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

EcoSmart backyard fire pit installation

6 Considerations for Building a Fire Pit in 2017

One of the most common add-ons for decks and patios is a fire pit. Whether it’s for the ambiance, the look, the functionality, or some combination thereof, backyard fire pits are extremely popular outdoor living space accessories in Maryland, Virginia, and the District. While there's no universal standard to what makes the most effective fire pit design, there are some guidelines you can discuss with your local deck contractor about pitfalls to avoid and possible issues to consider.

Differences Between Wood-Burning and EcoSmart Biofuel Fireplaces

Posted in: outdoor living, outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchen cabinets, outdoor heaters, outdoor heating systems, Outdoor Fireplaces, outdoor accessories, EcoSmart Fireplaces

James Moylan

Monday, November 14, 2016

EcoSmart Fire Cube Jr biofuel firebox

Which is better: Wood-Burning Fireplaces or EcoSmart Biofuel Fireplaces?

There’s nothing quite like the ambiance and visual appeal of a fire in your home, but not all fire features are equally well suited to every home. From size to installation considerations to aesthetics, you have to decide what type of fireplace represents the best value for your home. Two such possible features are natural fireplaces (a.k.a. wood-burning) and EcoSmart Fire biofuel fireplaces. To determine which would be the better fit for you, read on to discover their core differences.

How to Introduce Fire Features into Your Design

Posted in: fireplace, interior design, outdoor living, Outdoor Fireplaces, EcoSmart Fireplaces, interior remodeling

James Moylan

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

EcoSmart Fire indoor fireplace with black tile, wood floor, and white walls

Fire Features: What to Consider before Deciding on a Final Design

When trying to introduce a fire feature into an outdoor living space, a number of issues need to be considered to ensure the end result is exactly what you’re looking for. From personal lifestyle preferences to the intended functionality of the fire feature, think through the following factors before you come to any final decision.