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As composite decking becomes increasingly popular, homeowners are experiencing a new problem. Their decking boards are now outlasting the deck frame itself. This leads to a less-than-ideal situation where you have to dismantle an entire deck just to replace the frame underneath, even though your boards are as structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing as the day you installed them.


To avoid this problem, homeowners are increasingly turning to steel deck framing systems that are liable to last as long as the decking boards atop them. Even in regions like Washington, DC; Virginia; and Maryland, which experience extreme weather throughout the year, steel won’t rot, crown, twist, or warp. This helps ensure the foundation of your deck doesn’t become compromised, even after years of exposure.


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Design Builders has created a FREE ebook to give you all the essential information you need so you can make an informed decision on choosing either metal or wood framing for your project. The ebook includes :         

  • Advantages of steel framing over pressure treated wood framing
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Steel framing.  A great alternative to traditional wood framing.  Check it out today !

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