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The Design Builders Process

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The world is changing quickly.  Design Builders saw years ago that people had less interest in having someone come to their home for a consultation.  Kids, work, dinner. Then, of course, Covid happens.

Design Builders set out to do things a little differently.  We now offer 2 experiences, based on what you prefer.


The traditional first meeting.  Using our Google Calendar, you can pick a date and time that best suits your schedule.  We will come out, meet, and discuss in person what it is you are looking to do.  

We ask that you send us 8-10 photos before the meeting, so we can get an idea of what you have and want to accomplish.  We also ask for a plat so we know what our parameters are.  



Many folks prefer to do things online initially.  So here, the initial meeting is online, using Zoom.   (As part of our 2nd phase, we come out to meet in person and take some measurements.)

Online meetings allow us to be more indepth, with the ability to show you more and cover more.  Having online meetings gives customers the freedom to communicate from anywhere—whether that’s at work, from the comfort of their homes, or in any other Internet-enabled location.  You can use your computer, your tablet, or your phone. Our process works across all platforms.  And because of this, multiple people can join a meeting from anywhere at the same time.  

We recently had a Zoom conference call with a local client and their spouse who was in Bangkok.  That would not be possible without our use of technology.  

We ask for just a little bit of input from you. We ask for 8-10 photos of your property.  We also request a copy of your property map/plat.  We need this to understand the parameters of the yard, and to also create a render.  

From here, using Zoom, is just like sitting in your kitchen.  We can show you what we do, exchange ideas and show products.  Talk about wishes and desires vs. wants and needs. And, give you a ballpark estimate.



 Just reach out to us, tell us you want to sign up for a consultation, and which experience you desire.  We will send you a link to our calendar.  YOU pick and choose the open date and time you wish to talk, either in person or online.  We try to keep things between 8am and 5pm.  If that doesn't work, talk to us.  We will see what our options are.  

No fuss. No cost. No commitment. 


Putting the Customer First

Design Builders wishes to make the process as easy as possible for customers. We understand the struggle of in-person meetings.  We also understand some want the traditional in home visit.   It’s a customer-first policy. Our goal is to build a professional relationship.