PierTech Helical Footer System

           Revolutionary technique to replace traditional footer systems and fix sinking foundations

Without a solid foundation, a home can be put into major jeopardy. Foundation issues can result in uneven flooring, cracks in drywall or ceilings, sticking doors or windows, or gaps between walls and ceilings or walls and floors. Cracks in the actual foundation concrete or a sagging roof are two external indicators of foundation problems. If this settling is allowed to continue without addressing it, it can ultimately lead to real structural damage to your home—and very real financial damage as well.

CommercialJobInstall12kA system like PierTech uses all steel components, so rotting wood isn’t an issue the homeowner has to worry about when building a deck or screened porch.  This will hold true even if the amount of rain or other inclement weather continues to intensify. PierTech components are also not susceptible to other weather related issues, including frost heave, wherein the soil swells upward in freezing conditions.

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Free eBook: PierTech Footer System

Home construction projects often have a reputation for taking longer (and costing more) than originally anticipated. This becomes especially pronounced when the project is a significant undertaking, such as foundation work. With the PierTech footer system, however, new construction installs, as well as foundation repair work, can be done significantly faster than the traditional wood and concrete system.  We have created a free ebook that explains in detail everything you need to know about Pier Tech.  You can download the link below.