Why to Install Frameless Glazing in Your Virginia or Maryland Home

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James Moylan

Tuesday, July 13, 2021




Do you love the look of floor-to-ceiling glazing? Intrigued by the ability to get that aesthetic in your exterior living space? If you live in Virginia or Maryland, here are three primary reasons these kinds of frameless glazing systems are well suited to your location.


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3 Ways a Glass Curtain System Is Ideal for Your Virginia or Maryland Home

  1. Combats the Weather

Homes located in the Virginia or Maryland region experience all four seasons. This means any given Virginia- or Maryland-based homeowner who wants to enjoy a property’s outdoor living space will need to find ways to combat everything from sun and wind to rain and snow. A frameless glazing solution can accomplish that while also serving as a visually stunning façade.

  1. Provides Relief When the Weather Turns Cold

Installing a frameless glazing system (also known as a “glass curtain” or “curtain wall”) is an excellent way to cut the chill as the weather transitions from summer into fall. When the nights start to turn chilly, having the glass between you and the elements can extend the usable time of that space. This applies to any enclosable outdoor living area, from screened-in porches and balconies to terraces and patios.

While glass does offer some insulating benefits, it isn’t likely to provide enough warmth to battle the entirety of a Northeastern winter. If you want a full four-season room, you should explore your various heating options. This could entail something as simple as running a small space heater, or if you’re looking for something more elegant and integrated into the space, one popular choice is infrared heating from Infratech.

Interested in learning more about this heating solution? Grab our free Infratech e-book.

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Want to discover more heating options for your Virginia or Maryland home? Look into these six potential methods.

  1. Battles Seasonal Nuisances

Ask any DMV resident about seasonal issues in this part of the world, and the same three answers are inevitably going to come up: bugs, pollen, and humidity.

By forming a physical barrier between you and the outside air, frameless glazing solutions help mitigate the effects of both pollen and humidity.


As far as bugs and insects go, the most notable in the DMV is definitely the mosquito. The glass barrier will provide significant help here. If you’re looking to open up the space, however, a frameless glazing solution from a company like CLAROFLEX is compatible with an insect netting that simultaneously blocks bugs and provides a visually unobtrusive way to enjoy the space when it’s exposed to the outdoors. This netting is compatible with the company’s two main product lines: the PIVOT system and the SLIDE system.

Not interested in enclosing your outdoor living space but still want relief from mosquitoes while enjoying your open-air structure? Read here for one simple (easy) design trick to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Interested in renovating the outdoor living space in your DMV home? Enclosing an open-air balcony, terrace, or porch? Building an outdoor structure from scratch? Whatever the specifics of your project, feel free to reach out with questions about frameless glazing solutions or anything else related to your build. We’re designers and builders of custom outdoor living spaces, and we love to provide guidance, insight, and advice whenever possible!

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