A Beginner's Guide to Infratech Infrared Heaters

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James Moylan

Thursday, November 19, 2020


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A Basic Introduction to Infratech Outdoor Heating Systems

It can be a complicated answer to the question of adding infrared heaters to an existing structure. If this is you, read the highlighted link in the last sentence first, then come back here.  If you are looking at new construction, this is the article is for you.  Now is the time to consider adding infrared heaters.  You are going to have many choices and brands to choose from.  Even if you're focusing on a single brand, it can be difficult to ascertain all the relative pros and cons of a product with so much to process. With that in mind, the following is a general overview of Infratech infrared outdoor heaters details about the most pertinent features and distinguishing characteristics.

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What Kind of Heat Does Infratech Use?

Infratech is a brand of heater that utilizes infrared heat in the form of shortwave or mediumwave radiation.

Shortwave technology produces light on the visible spectrum. The light can be white or red light and is somewhat harsh to the naked eye. Medium wave technology is not nearly as visible to the human eye, so it offers more ambiance in an outdoor setting.


Infratech heaters are fully manufactured in Southern California. This offers the quality of being American made, and it also means a shorter wait time if replacement parts are ever necessary.

Physical Attributes of Infratech Outdoor Heaters

An Infratech heater uses an element in a quartz tube. This is different than a gas heater, for example, which uses an open flame. Because you don’t have to worry about an open flame, infrared heaters require less clearance around them for safety. This means they can often be placed in tighter quarters and can be mounted flush to reduce visual impact.

What’s Unique about Infratech Infrared Heaters?

Infratech infrared heating systems don’t work like some other types of heating systems. For instance, infrared outdoor heaters don’t heat the surrounding air. Rather, you aim them at objects, and the infrared waves heat those particular objects.

This is beneficial in an outdoor environment - particularly an open-air outdoor living space - because it would be nearly impossible (or at least extremely inefficient) to try to heat the air when not contained. This way, even when fully exposed to the elements, the infrared heat can work.

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Can you spot the new, discreet Infratech outdoor heaters in the ceiling of this Clifton, VA screened porch ?

How Much Heat Do Infrared Heaters Put Out?

While everyone experiences infrared heating differently, depending on a number of factors such as age and body type, Infratech infrared heaters can be expected to raise surrounding air temperature by six degrees.

While this isn’t enough to make an outdoor space fully comfortable in the middle of winter, it takes the edge off of a chilly fall day to make the outdoor pleasant again.

Features of Infratech Products

Infratech differentiates itself from other types of outdoor heater brands through their features and control options. While gas heaters are either 'on or off' or 'high or low' depending on the model, Infratech offers the ability to fully regulate the output. The switch is similar to a dimmer switch and lets users adjust exactly how high or low they want a particular heater’s output.


Efficiency and Operating Costs

In general, electric heaters are less expensive to operate than gas heaters. This depends, however, on your geographic location and the price of gas versus electricity in your area. To determine if electric heaters are cheaper, comparable, or more expensive than gas, you’ll have to do the math using your area-specific numbers.

One factor that plays into electric heaters generally being cheaper is the efficiency factor. Gas heaters run at about 75 percent efficiency; electric heaters are closer to 90 percent. The cost of running an Infratech heater will still get you more value in terms of efficiency either way.

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