The Simple Way Any Open-Air Pergola Can Keep the Mosquitos Away

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James Moylan

Friday, July 10, 2020


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If you live in the Washington, DC; Virginia; or Maryland region or any area afflicted by pesky insects, you know how quickly something small can ruin an outdoor living space! There’s nothing worse than trying to sit and relax outside on a warm summer night only to find yourself swatting away biting, buzzing insects. While you might not think of an open-air pergola as a great deterrent to insects, this one simple addition can help greatly: a fan.

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3 Ways a Fan in Your Pergola Can Keep Mosquitoes out of Your Outdoor Living Space


Can a simple fan really stop mosquitos? Yes, and here’s how:


  1. Fans Create a Breeze That Overpowers Mosquitos

Mosquitoes are naturally weak flyers. In fact, the wind speed generated by a simple ceiling fan can be enough to keep mosquitos away. By simply keeping the air moving, you’re much more likely to see diminished mosquito activity. As a major bonus, it’s an entirely chemical-free insect solution. No DEET or other potentially harmful additives to put on your skin or into the environment.

  1. Fans Help Keep Your Outdoor Living Area Dry

Mosquitos love wet, marshy areas. After a big rain (especially the kind frequently seen in the DMV), a backyard can quickly become a haven for mosquitos. That’s annoying, certainly, but with all the potential diseases and viruses transmitted by these biting pests, it can also be dangerous. By keeping the air circulating, a ceiling fan can help keep the area directly in and around your pergola drier and more unappealing to mosquitos.

  1. Fans Disperse Carbon Dioxide

If you’ve ever wondered whether mosquitoes go after some people more than others, the answer is yes! Mosquitos are attracted to a number of things: lactic acid, a high metabolic rate, and lots of carbon dioxide around a body. That means some people truly are more likely victims for mosquitos. A fan can help, though. By moving the air around your pergola, it naturally disperses the carbon dioxide exhaled when breathing, and this helps mask and diminish one of the major attractants for these biting nuisances.


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Don’t believe us? Take it from Structureworks, one of the most established and trusted names in the pergola business. Here’s one of their videos discussing the benefits of adding a fan to an outdoor structure. (Hint: bug mitigation is a big reason!) Watch the whole video for more insight about how to install the fan and what to look for in an exterior fan.


Interested in other ways to keep the bugs at bay in your Maryland or Virginia residence? Check out these three simple ways to mitigate insects, bugs, and flying pests.


Having problems with insects in your existing screen porch? Thinking about adding a new structure but are worried about the creepy-crawlies? Here’s what you need to know about stopping bugs from getting into your screened-in porch. 


At Design Builders, we specialize in high-end, custom exterior living spaces throughout the DMV. Because we work in areas affected by insects and bugs, we have lots of experience and insight about how best to minimize the problems they can present. Have a bug-related question or concern? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to help!

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