How to Install a Recessed Hot Tub in 8 Easy Steps

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James Moylan

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


One element that’s becoming increasingly popular in outdoor living spaces is the hot tub. Especially in areas that experience cold winters, this can be an excellent addition to any outdoor area. It is, however, a very involved process and one you’ll need to carefully discuss and coordinate with your design build team. These are your top 8 steps and considerations for installing a hot tub in Virginia or Maryland.

What is the Best Decking Material for a Deck with a Hot Tub in 2017?

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James Moylan

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

grey composite deck with recessed hot tub in Rockville, Maryland

Choosing the Right Deck Boards for Your Hot Tub Deck Project This Year

When winter descends on the District, many homeowners stack up their deck chairs and retreat into the warmth of their house. Many decks in Maryland and Virginia are neglected as a result during cold spells.

This is not the case for hot tub owners because hey, the best part of being cold is getting warm again! Between fire pits and Infratech outdoor heaters, decks in Maryland and Virginia are capable of being winter-friendly. However, unlike these porch add-ons, standard and recessed hot tubs require special decking accommodations.