6 Premade Design Styles for Your Renson Aluminum Pergola

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James Moylan

Monday, January 03, 2022


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Do you love the idea of a pergola integrated into your outdoor living space? Do you appreciate the aesthetics, as well as the wide customization options? Many people get to this point in a home improvement project and then feel daunted by picking the actual elements of that outdoor structure. That’s why Renson has put together these six premade design styles.

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Remove the Guesswork from Designing Your Pergola with These Pre-made Styles

  • Crystal Lounge

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This option is perfect for those seeking sleek minimalism. The color palette is light, keeping the entire space airy. It’s modern, fresh, and fluid.

Learn more about the Crystal Lounge look.

  • Tech Cocoon

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Warm colors permeate this look, and it feels distinctly young, vibrant, and contemporary. Give your pergola a touch of playfulness with this design choice. Technical elements, such as metal and glass, dominate.

Learn more about the Tech Cocoon look.

  • Pure Essence

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If you’re looking for that light-as-a-feather aesthetic, this is the one for you. This pergola uses pale colors and soft finishes to create a space designed especially for relaxation. Interesting material choices and natural textures help ensure this space feels clean but not barren.

Learn more about the Pure Essence look. 

  • Earth Oasis

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With its warm earth tones, this pergola embodies summer. Feel distinctly connected to the rich, abundant world around you with artisan materials and natural elements at every turn. Feel transported to places of sun-drenched splendor…without ever leaving your backyard.

Learn more about the Earth Oasis look. 

  • Spiritual Harmony

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Borrowing from traditional Japanese architecture, Spiritual Harmony offers a dark color palette, minimalist aesthetic, and a feel that’s both contemporary and intimate. Blackened wood and visible walnut grain evoke the protective and calming essence of nature.

 Learn more about the Spiritual Harmony look.

  • Idyllic Garden

renson blog photo 6Somber and subtle colors are perfectly on display in this design style. Inspired by plants and reminiscent of Italy, the Idyllic Garden gives you the chance to blend nature, modernity, and relaxation. It’s open, airy, elegant, and timeless.

Learn more about the Idyllic Garden look.

Customization Is Key

The most important thing to note about these design styles, which launched in 2021, is that they are all simply design starting points. The premade design styles were created to help people get the look and feel they wanted with the least amount of trouble and effort.

Yes, you can use the styles exactly as presented, but they are also entirely customizable. Change or keep whatever elements you like. A Renson pergola is designed to be made to your specifications and needs.

Interested in a Renson Aluminum Pergola?

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re a design and build firm that operates in the Northern Virginia and Maryland markets. We specialize in high-end, custom outdoor living spaces, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you have about Renson or any of the other products and brands we trust in our projects.

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