Benefits of ViewFlex Vinyl in Sunspace WeatherMaster Windows

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James Moylan

Wednesday, December 02, 2020


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Love the benefits of having an enclosed outdoor living space but aren’t on board with glass windows? WeatherMaster windows, by Sunspace, could be the solution you’re looking for! All the vents in this company’s window system are glazed with a material known as ViewFlex vinyl. Here are all the reasons to fall in love with this tough, resilient product.

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Top 7 Benefits of ViewFlex Vinyl

  1. Virtually Maintenance Free

One of the most time-consuming (and annoying!) aspects of glass windows in a screen porch is how often you need to clean them. Whether it’s everyday dirt and grime, smudges from little kid fingers, or doggy nose prints, there’s no shortage of things waiting to get your windows looking less than pristine. With clear ViewFlex vinyl, you never have to worry about getting out the glass cleaner just to be able to see through your screened-in porch. When cleaning is required on your WeatherMaster windows, it’s a simple, easy process that requires little else than wiping them down.

(Don’t want clear windows in your outdoor living space? Not a problem! ViewFlex comes in four different tints—clear, smoke, bronze, and dark gray. Sunspace even offers a combination of those tints for homeowners who require a more customized look. Read all about your available color options here.)

  1. Safer and More Durable Than Glass

sunspace photoGlass can crack, chip, or outright shatter. Maybe a pebble gets thrown from the lawn mower. Maybe your kid’s soccer ball or baseball veers off course and hits directly into the screen porch. Especially when you have pets or young children around, the breakability of glass presents potentially serious safety issues. ViewFlex is a vinyl material that is stronger than glass and cannot shatter into dangerous pieces.

  1. Lightweight

The ViewFlex vinyl material is much lighter than glass, making for an easier, more hassle-free installation. Should you ever need to replace the vinyl, it would also be a more cost-effective process than shipping a pane of custom-cut glass.

  1. More Energy Efficient Than Glass

ViewFlex provides better thermal conductivity than single-pane glass. This increased energy efficiency can save you money on heating and cooling. This is especially relevant if your space is a three-season or even four-season area.

(Interested in learning more about how to heat your screened-in porch for a comfortable year-round space? Check out these 6 popular heating solutions.)

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  1. Protection from the Elements

Adding WeatherMaster windows, by Sunspace, gives your exterior living space a protective barrier against the elements. That includes the following:

  • Insects, bugs, and other pests
  • Pollen
  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Harmful UV rays from the sun

Live in the Washington, DC; Virginia; or Maryland region? Then you know how much of a problem seasonal insects are! These windows are an easy way to transform any exterior space into a bug-free zone!

  1. Manufacturer’s Factory Warranty

A warranty is always a great way to get peace of mind with any purchase. If there is any issue, concern, or defect with your product, so long as you’re in compliance with the factory warranty, you never have to worry that you’re financially on the line. Even if you never have to use the warranty, it’s always a positive sign that a company is willing to stand behind its workmanship and product.

  1. Time Tested

ViewFlex is not a new, untested product. Homeowners can rest easy knowing the durability of this technology has successfully endured through over forty years.

Thinking about adding a screened-in porch to your DC, Virginia, or Maryland home? Wondering what window options will make the most sense in your space? Drop us a line. We’d love to connect and chat about your next project!

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