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Trex Decking Products

trex-company-logo.pngTrex Company: The Biggest Name in Low-Maintenance Decking

What is Trex decking? Trex is a low-maintenance composite deck board commonly used to build decks in Maryland and Virginia.
What are the pros of using Trex decking? In addition to its durability and affordable price point, Trex is a proven product that's an eco-friendly alternative to exotic hardwood decking that comes in an array of styles.ElmwoodRdFultonMDHouse_0020
Where can I purchase Trex decking? Trex is available at most hardware stores. However, homeowners hiring a local deck builder in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C. will purchase Trex deck boards directly through their contractor as part of their deck contract.
Can I build a Trex deck in Maryland, or a Trex screen porch in Virginia? Absolutely, and we'd love to help! Fill out the adjacent form to learn more about Trex decking or get a free estimate for a deck!



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