Safety Concerns : The Pier Tech System versus Traditional Footing Systems

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James Moylan

Thursday, November 21, 2019


Nothing is more important than the safety of your family, and if you’re considering undertaking a home construction project as important and significant as foundation work, the safety of the system you use for that work should absolutely be a consideration.


The PierTech system, which uses helical piles to drill holes for your foundation work, helps ensure the safety of your project and family at two critical stages: during the actual work and after the fact.

Safety Considerations during the Work

When homeowners undertake foundation work (new construction or repair) and they opt for traditional footing systems, the result is often lots of machinery digging massive holes over several days. The homeowner is then left with piles upon piles of dirt and rock, as well as dangerous holes around the property. Especially for families with small children or pets, this can pose a serious risk.


Because the construction process also takes considerably longer with the traditional footing systems, your family is left to work around these obstacles and all heavy machinery for several more days than is necessary with the PierTech system, which can usually be completed in one day using a single skid steer or Bobcat but be sure to check out tracks for bobcat before starting the work.



During the work itself, PierTech can also be safer for the actual installers. The PierTech system features instant alignment, which provides a full steel-on-steel connection. All torque is contained in this quick connection. This ensures there’s no hole deformation, and it means no torque or compression loads reach the bolts, so there’s never an issue when putting in or removing nuts or bolts into the system.

Safety Considerations after the Work

In addition to creating a safer environment during the foundation work, you and your family can also rest easy knowing you used a system that helps ensure your home is maximally secure. When you use the PierTech system, you know you’re using the technology with the best chance of creating a safe and secure foundation for many years to come. Whether you’re using PierTech to repair a cracked or failing foundation or you’re undertaking a new construction project, the PierTech helicals create a sound foundation for your home.

Left alone, small foundational problems can become much bigger issues as time passes. In some cases, it can even lead to serious damage to floors, walls, windows, and doors, ultimately jeopardizing the integrity of the entire home. PierTech piles and anchors are made from high-tensile and high-yield strength domestic steel, which means you never have to worry about the durability of the products used in the PierTech system. Unlike concrete and wood system foundations, you also don’t have to worry about eventual rotting. All this means your foundation is sure to be solid, sound, and safe for your family for as long as you own the home.


If your foundation is cracked, unstable, or failing, your home is simply not as safe as it could be. If you’re looking to install a new foundation or repair an old one, know there are more options on the market today than just traditional footing systems. Whatever system you choose, just make sure it creates the safest environment possible during the work and leaves you home maximally secure for years to come after it’s complete.