Why Are ZähBuilt Cabinets Ideal for the Outdoors?

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James Moylan

Tuesday, April 02, 2024

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Looking for Outdoor Cabinetry? Look No Further Than ZähBuilt Cabinets!

When building any outdoor living space, cabinetry is an essential piece. The right cabinets provide storage, improve aesthetics, and ensure the space is as usable as possible. When choosing your outdoor cabinetry, it’s important to find a product that balances durability, looks, and functionality. This is where ZähBuilt outdoor cabinetry comes in!

What Makes ZähBuilt Cabinets Uniquely Prepared for Exterior Use?

The name ZähBuilt roughly translates to “built tough,” and the product doesn’t disappoint. Here are the key ways ZähBuilt cabinetry is designed to withstand the elements—without compromising on looks or functionality. 

  1. High-Quality, Durable Materials

Whether you’re interested in the original Sonoma collection or the newer Accoya Windswept collection, every ZähBuilt cabinet is constructed from the highest quality materials. These are specifically designed and engineered to be compatible with the outdoors. Even years down the line, they are made to look and function as well as the day of install.

Just some examples of the cabinetry materials used include:


  1. Thoughtful Production and Design Techniques

ZähBuilt is also committed to smartly designing their cabinetry. Even with frequent use and exposure to the elements, they are built to withstand and last.

The cabinet boxes, for examples, are made from a UV-stable low density poly marine board. Other cabinetry options on the market use PVC or foam, which can warp when exposed to enough sun or heat. Because of the materials chosen by ZähBuilt, this isn’t an issue homeowners have to worry about. 

Clever installation techniques, including a leg-leveling system and button fix fasteners, ensure the cabinetry is installed seamlessly, correctly, and securely. Even after consistent use and exposure to the elements, the units remain steady and functional.

  1. Low Maintenance

When it comes to any product intended for outdoor use, one of the biggest concerns is maintenance. How much time, effort, and money will be required to keep that product looking and functioning as well as the day it was installed? 

With ZähBuilt cabinets, you know you’re getting a product specifically designed to be low maintenance, even under the extra stresses of outdoor variables (sun, rain, snow, temperature fluctuations). 

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  1. Water Resistant

Whichever line of ZähBuilt cabinetry you select, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a water-resistant product. From rain to snow to other forms of precipitation, no form of water will rust, deteriorate, or damage your cabinetry.

This makes the cabinetry a great year-round, hassle-free, stress-free choice. This holds especially true for homeowners in Northern Virginia and Maryland—areas that experience all four distinct seasons throughout the year. 

  1. UV Resistant

ZähBuilt is designed to withstand even direct, prolonged exposure to sunlight. The UV-resistant materials used mean the product won’t warp or bend, even in extreme temperatures.

You also don’t have to worry about the color fading, changing, or deteriorating over time. This protects the aesthetics and functional use of your investment and ensures it continues to provide favorable ROI throughout the years.

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Think ZähBuilt Cabinetry Could Be Right for Your Northern Virginia or Maryland Outdoor Living Space?

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