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James Moylan

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

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ZähBuilt Windswept Cabinet Collection: Natural Wood…without the Hassle

Natural wood offers amazing depth of color, grain variance, and a richness of visual interest. Many homeowners today, however, avoid this material for outdoor living spaces. Myth: wood’s need for constant upkeep and repairs makes it an undesirable long-term exterior solution. Fact: the ZähBuilt outdoor cabinets Windswept collection shows what’s possible today with natural wood cabinetry.

What Is the Windswept Collection from ZähBuilt Outdoor Cabinets?

The Windswept collection is the latest product offering from ZähBuilt outdoor cabinets. The outdoor cabinetry solution uses genuine lumber—a treated pine from the Netherlands known as Accoya.

This cabinet fills a significant void in the outdoor building industry. It’s a great solution for anyone who loves the look and idea of natural wood but doesn’t want to be stuck with the constant maintenance or concerns about it quickly breaking down (in looks or function) when exposed to the elements.

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What Is Accoya, and Why Is It Ideal for Outdoor Cabinetry?

If you’ve never heard of Accoya before, you’re not alone. Many homeowners who hear the name wonder the same thing: What is Accoya, anyway?

This treated lumber comes from radiata pine trees, which are sourced and processed in a Dutch facility. The lumber is modified through a process known as Acetylation. This takes a natural lumber product and converts it into an extremely stable wood.

After the process, Accoya is…

  • Repellent to insects
  • Resistant to rot
  • Capable of withstanding extreme heat, cold, and moisture

The process this wood undergoes is highly effective, but for the environmentally conscious, there’s extra good news. It’s also nontoxic and creates a sustainable end product.

For an extra level of assurance, anyone considering ZähBuilt should know they hold a utility patent on this design. This is an added layer of certainty that the product will be both resilient and resistant to splitting over time.

Discover Your Windswept Collection Options

Love the look and versatility of natural wood in cabinetry? Don’t want to deal with the hassle, time, or expense of heavy maintenance, frequent repairs, or outright replacement? ZähBuilt’s Windswept collection could be the perfect solution for your Northern Virginia or Maryland screen porch, outdoor kitchen, or other outdoor living area.

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Here’s what you need to know about the collection’s aesthetics, engineering specifics, and warranty:

Cabinet Door Construction

Yes, Accoya is dimensionally stable, but being a natural wood product exposed to the elements, you can expect some minor expansion and contraction.

That’s where the ZähBuilt engineering comes into play. The innovative cabinet doors are designed to accommodate these minor adjustments. Every Shaker door is constructed from five separate pieces with a floating center panel. This ensures any small natural variance in the wood won’t warp or distort the door.

Windswept Collection Warranty

Providing additional peace of mind to ZähBuilt customers, the company offers a generous ten-year warranty associated with any door in the Windswept collection.

Warranties signal three things to consumers:

  • The company stands behind the quality and workmanship of the product you’re investing in.
  • You never have to worry about being financially on the hook for a manufacturing defect or other quality issue beyond your control.
  • You know any warranty-covered product issue will get dealt with quickly and seamlessly, saving you opportunity cost and hassle.

To get all the specifics, feel free to read through the full ZähBuilt warranty.

Design Options of the Windswept Collection

Ensuring the Windswept collection suits a wide variety of design aesthetics, it comes in three distinct door styles.

  • Shaker: A classic, timeless design with a touch of visual interest
  • Louver: The most intricate of the design options with overlapping horizontal slats
  • Slab: The cleanest, most minimalistic design option on offer

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The collection also offers a wide variety of color options. The standard preset color options are:

  • Cyclone
  • Sand
  • Sahara
  • Cocoa Bean
  • Wave Crest
  • Storm

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For clients who need a more customized look, there’s also the option to match anything in the Sherwin Williams book of colors.

Is Natural Wood Outdoor Cabinetry the Right Solution for Your Northern Virginia or Maryland Outdoor Living Space?

If you thought natural wood was off the table for your outdoor cabinetry, the ZähBuilt Windswept collection is here to reveal what’s possible.

If you have any questions about this product or anything else we use here at Design Builders for our high-end, custom outdoor living spaces, don’t hesitate to reach out or leave a comment. We’re always happy to answer questions!


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