The ZähBuilt Outdoor Cabinetry Installation Process

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James Moylan

Monday, March 25, 2024

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Why ZähBuilt Cabinetry’s Installation Process Should Excite Homeowners

When it comes to outdoor cabinetry, you might not think the installation process has much impact on your life, wallet, or overall project. But it actually makes a significant difference! Here are some of the innovative installation techniques ZähBuilt outdoor cabinetry uses to save its customers time, hassle, and money.

5 Innovative Design Tactics from ZähBuilt Cabinetry

Whether it’s saving you dollars and cents or peace of mind, the installation process for ZähBuilt cabinetry has been carefully designed at every step to best serve you, the end user.

  1. Adjustable Legs and Included Leg Leveler

The easy-to-attach snap-in legs on all ZähBuilt outdoor cabinetry are entirely adjustable up to 1.5 inches. This feature comes standard on all base cabinets.

Included with the cabinetry is an intuitive leg leveler, a tool specifically designed to easily and quickly create a fully level, stable cabinetry system.

No special tools beyond that included leg leveler are required to achieve this leveling. This contributes to an overall installation process that’s:

  • Quick
  • Hassle-free
  • Installer-friendly 

Custom cabinetry heights are available as well, ensuring the product is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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  1. Button Fix Fastener System for Drawer Fronts

One incredibly unique and effective design innovation of ZähBuilt cabinetry is their Button Fix Fastener system. With this design touch, every drawer front and apron front can simply pop on and pop off.

This gives quick, easy, immediate access to any drawer front. This becomes especially useful in cabinetry for outdoor kitchens. Without ever having to disassemble the entire cabinet, you can install, adjust, and accommodate for grills or any other outdoor appliances integrated into the cabinetry system.

This saves an installer an incredible amount of time and minimizes any chance of damage or unexpected issues from assembling and disassembling the cabinetry bases multiple times. 

  1. Lock Dowel Fastener System

Every ZähBuilt cabinet uses a high-quality lock dowel (lockout fastener) system. This intuitive slide-and-lock process is used to assemble all cabinet sides and drawer boxes sturdily, quickly, and easily. The system is just as effective as using screws but greatly minimizes fabrication time.

Other assembly pieces include:

  • Stainless hardware
  • Soft-close runners for drawers
  • Soft-close hinges for doors

Additionally, all cabinet boxes are UV stable and constructed from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) marine board. Unlike PVC or foam, which can warp when exposed to extreme heat, LDPE is designed, rated, and trusted for exterior environments. This is just one of many ZähBuilt outdoor cabinet benefits.

The durability of this material helps minimize all upkeep and maintenance-related expenses, and for the environmentally conscious consumer, all dowels used are fully recyclable.


  1. Floating Center Panels

Engineered into every ZähBuilt Windswept collection door (Shaker and Louver) is a floating center panel design. This accommodation for the slight expansion and contraction of natural wood helps prevent any cracking or splitting in the styles or rails.

This additional layer of protection is a proactive way to ensure any investment in a ZähBuilt product is worth it, even years down the line.

  1. Thorough, Qualified Review Process

One of the biggest advantages of choosing ZähBuilt is that their reps are very involved in the design process. Whatever the customer wants, those reps are there working with their manufacturing team, reviewing all plans, and ensuring everything with the project is going to be seamless…before it even gets to the fabrication and installation stage. 

What’s In It for the Homeowners?

Having easier, faster, more effective installations benefits homeowners across the board.


Saves You Money

When a project doesn’t take as long to install, it requires fewer billable labor hours. Those savings for the build team get passed on to you, the homeowner.

When the install is simple, streamlined, and smartly designed, there’s also less room for error or mistakes. Again, this helps your project budget and wallet.

Makes High-Quality Products More Accessible

Because the ZähBuilt system cuts fabrication time roughly in half, there’s room there for the product to fill a big need in the middle market. Even though the cabinetry uses high-end materials, employs innovative design, requires little maintenance, and is built to withstand even extreme exterior environments, it’s not the most expensive cabinetry in the market.

This means even more homeowners can have access to cabinetry of that quality and caliber for their outdoor living spaces.

Gives You More Confidence and Peace of Mind

When homeowners choose ZähBuilt, they get extra peace of mind.

They know:

  • The product is high quality and won’t require frequent or costly upkeep or repairs—even years after install
  • A team of manufacturers has worked in the background to ensure their custom design concepts are viable
  • They won’t have to deal with the costliest aspect of cabinetry: mistakes in design, fabrication, or installation

The commitment to quality—from initial design to final install—means you get a product that will install faster with less chance of time delays or unexpected costs.

Any Questions about ZähBuilt Cabinetry?

Are you currently dreaming about your ideal outdoor living space? Have any questions about whether ZähBuilt is right for your Northern Virginia or Maryland home?

Reach out to Design Builders today. We specialize in high-end custom exterior spaces. (We’re not the answer for a standard 12’x12’ deck!) We’re always happy to answer any questions you have about our preferred products, including ZähBuilt!

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