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James Moylan

Monday, April 15, 2024

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Get What You Want with ZähBuilt Custom Outdoor Cabinetry

Your outdoor living space has the potential to transform the look and feel of your home, but for that to happen, it has to match your life. To truly love a home improvement project for years down the line, the new space must offer timeless design that fits with your existing aesthetic. It must also improve your home’s overall functionality, helping you use the property in the best way for your lifestyle. Given its importance, here are the key customization features of ZähBuilt custom outdoor cabinets.

3 Ways to Customize Your ZähBuilt Cabinetry

The ability to customize your outdoor living space is often the difference between a final product that’s meh and one you adore. If you’re investing in outdoor cabinetry, make sure you’re able to customize the details that matter to you.

ZähBuilt outdoor cabinets allow you to…

  1. Create custom paint colors.

ZähBuilt cabinets offer a set of standard colors, but you can also completely customize your paint color selection. Anything within the Sherwin-Williams line of colors can be custom matched.

This gives you the design leeway to match or to complement existing cabinetry (inside or outside the home) or any other design feature.

You can also customize the finishing of that color, achieving anything from a high gloss to a matte look.

Expect special order colors to take approximately twice as long as in-stock colors to ship. Always coordinate with your design and build team to lock in your color choice and ensure your custom cabinetry order arrives at the right time for the rest of the project.

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  1. Accommodate custom cabinetry sizes.

With some outdoor cabinetry, cabinets come in standard sizes, and then small spacers are used to fill any remaining gaps. (A seventeen-inch cabinet, for example, would actually be a fifteen-inch cabinet with a two-inch spacer.) With ZähBuilt cabinets, everything can be ordered in custom sizes down to the quarter inch.

This offers a few distinct advantages:

  • Maximize your available cabinet space.
  • Enjoy a more streamlined appearance with fewer visible lines.
  • Get a near-perfect fit, even in very constricted spaces. 

Every ZähBuilt product is custom built to order, so whatever size or shape you need for your cabinetry, choosing this kind of customizable option helps ensure you get the end result you want.

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  1. Fit custom appliances.

As outdoor living spaces have become more elaborate, they’ve started incorporating more features that make them as comfortable, livable, and functional as any interior space. With that comes more gadgets, amenities, and appliances.

While an outdoor living space used to be a few lawn chairs and a charcoal grill, today’s spaces regularly include:

  • Sinks
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Wine coolers
  • Ice makers
  • Dishwashers
  • Garbage pulls
  • Ovens and stovetops
  • Griddles, barbecues, and grills (including Big Green Egg, Evo, and others)

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One of the common challenges with outdoor cabinetry is the ability to seamlessly integrate all these appliances into the design.

With ZähBuilt, you can actually customize your cabinetry to your design specifications. On the backend, there will be a team reviewing these designs for safety, feasibility, and functionality. Before committing to fabrication or installation, this verifies your idea will work logistically. (What does that mean for you, the homeowner? Fewer mistakes. Fewer expenses. Fewer cabinets not working as intended.)

If the design concept works, you can forge ahead with your design and build team. If it doesn’t, you can all work together to find acceptable alternative solutions.

With this level of customization, you know the exact appliances and amenities you want in your outdoor kitchen or screen porch will fit perfectly, look seamless, and work as intended.

Interested in Learning More about ZähBuilt Cabinets in Your Northern Virginia or Maryland Outdoor Living Space?

Want to discuss the customization options of ZähBuilt? We’re Design Builders, and we have decades of experience creating custom outdoor living spaces. We’d love to discuss your upcoming project and answer any questions you have about ZähBuilt or any of our other preferred products!