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What Is CoConstruct and How Does It Improve the Design-Build Process?

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James Moylan

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

coconstruct website home page screengrab

One of the greatest pain points of starting a home remodeling project is selecting a dependable contractor. Deck builders and interior renovators can be notoriously difficult to work with, and choosing a reputable and reliable business with confidence can be a major challenge for homeowners.

CoConstruct helps by guaranteeing that contractors can be held accountable to themselves and their customers by consolidating everything from construction schedules and materials selections to permits and contracts all in one place that's always available to clients.

What CoConstruct Does for You and Your Home Construction Project

CoConstruct is software designed specifically for interior remodelers, custom home builders, and porch contractors. It allows them to manage all aspects of a construction project, including finances and client interactions, through one portal. It is currently the highest-rated software package of its kind, and it’s compatible with web and guide to selecting contractors in Maryland CTA

3 Ways CoConstruct Makes it Easy to Work With a Contractor

1.  CoConstruct Increases Accountability

While the software is primarily geared toward the contractor or build team, it also provides concrete benefits to the homeowner. Namely, it offers accountability at every stage of the project. By incorporating schedules, to-do lists, and purchasing decisions, there’s a record and a paper trail of every build-related interaction. This provides peace of mind and protection for both the builders and the homeowners because there is that archived record of all decisions.

This can help quickly and painlessly solve potential disputes before they become problems.


CoConstruct client home page including to-do lists, finances, and construction progress milestones

2.  CoConstruct Increases Communication

One of the hardest aspects of a build project is that there are so many moving pieces. It’s easy to forget what was already discussed, and it’s equally easy for circumstances to change as various scheduling and logistical issues arise throughout the process.

CoConstruct improves the ease of this communication between all parties throughout the life of the build. Can’t remember what fixture you had just decided on? Homeowners can look back through the records to see exactly what they selected. Need to alert a homeowner about an unexpected change to the schedule? Easy. Just post an updated timeline, and the homeowner will receive an alert.

Because everything is contained and organized in one platform, it’s also much easier to find that information. Rather than sifting through months of back-and-forth e-mails, voicemails, and text messages and trying to find that one specific communication, anyone involved in the project (homeowner or contractor) can just hop onto CoConstruct to quickly and easily find it.


CoConstruct ensures homeowners have a line of communication with their home improvement contractors 24 hours a day

3.  CoConstruct Increases Transparency 


Another common issue with build projects is the element of the unknown: Where exactly is every dollar of the budget being allocated? Many times homeowners can’t answer this definitively, and that can lead to confusion or anxiety. With CoConstruct, there’s a line item bill, which means there’s total financial transparency. A builder or contractor can also share the budget with a client in order to ensure everyone knows exactly where the money is going. A lack of transparency has historically been a big pain point for homeowners working with contractors, and CoConstruct is a direct response to that.

If you’re looking into undertaking a big home project, consider giving preference to companies that utilize CoConstruct. With the added accountability, communication, and transparency it offers, CoConstruct can be one simple way to make a difficult job a whole lot easier.

For more information about CoConstruct or how it can aid in your next project, feel free to reach out to a representative of Design Builders, Inc., a proud current user of CoConstruct.