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Sun Room Design: Part 5 Furniture

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James Moylan

Monday, March 26, 2012

Furniture for Your Present and Future

Sun Room Series Part 5

The Sun Room Series is a five-part blog series that will cover everything you need to know about planning, building, and finishing your new sun room.

Once your sun room has been built, conditioned, well-lit, and you’ve determined what the flooring and wall coverings will be, the final step is to choose your furniture. It’s wise to give furnishings some serious thought in the planning process so that the sun room is built properly and can accommodate the size and shape of your intended furniture.

For instance, if you’re hoping to furnish the room with an oversized L-shaped couch, the placement of doors is important and it’s also necessary to consider where the walking paths will be. Furniture takes up a lot of space – especially lounge furniture like this – so knowing what you’re going to be furnishing the room with and where you’re hoping to place that furniture is crucial to the planning process.

Another consideration: Where will the sun be entering the room throughout the day? Will your sun room get the brunt of the morning light or mostly the heat of the afternoon? You wouldn’t want your main piece of furniture to be situated where the sun is directly in your eyes. You may wish to place furniture strategically so that the sun is to your back, nicely illuminating whatever project you might be working on or the book you’re reading.

Your sun room will be a much-loved addition to your home and it will see a lot of foot traffic, especially in its newness. If you are planning to have a door in your sun room that offers access to the outdoors, keep in mind that natural walkways will cut the room in half. This will definitely affect where your furniture can be placed, or if it’s even possible to place certain pieces of furniture at all.

Even if you intend to use the sun room as a very casual spot with easily rearranged recliners, beanbags, large pillows, and small accent pieces, we encourage you to envision the room from start to finish. You never want to build an addition to your home and regret the placement of a major element later simply because it didn’t allow you free reign with your furniture. Think ahead now and you won’t encounter angst later.

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