Advantages of Online Deck Design

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James Moylan

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Advantages of Online Deck Design

In a recent blog post, we described the ease, convenience, and efficiency of scheduling an online design meeting for your building project. There are even more perks that are worth highlighting about this process:

  • Make it a family affair: Everyone on their own crazy schedule? Opinionated family? Online meetings can include up to five people – all of whom can be in different locations. Participants can join in from home, the office, a business trip, dorm room, or even a park bench using their computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Budget knowledgeably: Clients will receive a detailed design of their project and estimate within one hour of the online meeting’s end. Because the designer is creating the design and estimate simultaneously, the client will be able to make budget decisions within that window of time as well. This is the opportunity to veto unwanted elements, green-light other elements, or ask for special additions or considerations, all the while knowing whether your budget is on track.
  • State your opinions: It’s great to have time to mull over a design and compose your questions for a later meeting. However, sometimes it can be great to have your concerns or proposals answered in real time. During an online meeting, clients can provide feedback on the design immediately as it’s created. This ensures that no detail is missed, and that the design comes out precisely as the homeowner envisions it.
  • Schedule a late meeting: It’s not a requirement that online meetings must be scheduled during daylight hours. Since the designer is working from pictures and the plat and don’t need to see your property, estimates can take place as late as 8 p.m. That means no stranger interrupting family dinners or bedtime for the little ones. You can get online, have the meeting, and get offline without having to worry about offering a beverage or making small talk – there is a beginning and an end to the meeting that you can count on so that your schedule isn’t compromised.
  • Be comfortable from start to finish: It doesn’t matter to us if you’re in your sweats or wearing makeup. This isn’t an interview – it’s a laid back (but still serious) meeting that takes place at your convenience. You don’t have to invite a salesperson into your home so no worries about whether there are dishes in the sink or clutter in the family room. There’s no hard sell or pressure to commit to a project or design – though in person or online, you’ll never experience that from a Design Builders pro.


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