Online Design and Estimate Process

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James Moylan

Monday, February 25, 2013

Building a Design Online and the Estimate Process

In an increasingly mobile world, businesses are expected to operate on the most convenient and technologically advanced levels to accommodate all clients and situations. Because we know you’re busy, but still wish to add to your outdoor living space or enhance your existing space, we offer an efficient design and estimating process – online.

Preparing for an Online Meeting with Design Builders

You don’t need Skype or even FaceTime to make your online design meeting happen. Clients will receive an intuitive online meeting invitation direct from Design Builders – just click on a link and follow the brief instructions to arrive at the online meeting.

Because the goal of conducting the initial meeting online is to save time, cover more information, and dramatically reduce the turnaround time for an estimate, we need to collect some important information from you before the meeting actually takes place:

  • Step 1: Email us five photos of the area of your house that is under consideration for new construction or renovation. This step can easily be completed with a smartphone in just a few moments.
  • Step 2: Send us a copy of your property plat, sometimes referred to as a site plan. Scan the document and email it, or simply snap a photo of it and send it to us.
  • Step 3: Design Builders will contact you to schedule an online meeting. Ten minutes before the meeting begins, you’ll receive an email with the invitation to connect online.

What Clients Learn in an Online Design Meeting

The Design Builders expert that you meet with online will be prepared to present a mockup of your house, drawn to scale, using CAD software.

To aid us in making this design come to life, be prepared to discuss your vision: What is your project timeline? Budget? Desired materials? Purpose for the space? Warm weather or year-round use? Have your questions ready, but know that your design expert will first go through a list of standard questions to get a complete idea of your project goals. As your designer receives information from you during the online meeting, he or she will begin to draw the design – you can follow along from your computer and watch your desired home enhancement being “built.”

Once a design is created and agreed upon, the designer will use estimating software to provide you with a final estimate for your project. You will receive the design and estimate within one hour of the end of the meeting.

Are you already building your home addition in your mind? Don’t waste anymore time. Contact Design Builders today to get your project in motion.