4 Tips to Ensure a Smokeless Fire with Your Breeo

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James Moylan

Monday, February 28, 2022



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here’s nothing better than sitting around the beauty, warmth, and glow of a fire pit with your loved ones…until the wind shifts and you’re battling the smoke. This lack of stinging eyes and inconvenience is one of the biggest advantages of a smoke-free fire pit like Breeo. If you love everything about a natural wood-burning fire—except the smoke—here are some tips for ensuring your fire pit experience is as clear of smoke as possible.

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Choose a Smoke-Free Fire Pit

First things first. If you’re averse to smoke, the most important thing is to choose a fire pit that’s specifically designed to be smoke free. Even the most sophisticated designs can’t guarantee zero smoke, but a brand like Breeo is designed to maximize airflow. This extra oxygen burns off most to all of the smoke before it ever reaches you.

Get more details about Breeo’s smoke-free design here.

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Keep These 4 Things in Mind for a Smoke-Free Fire

  1. Types of Fire Fuel Matter

When you build a fire, you’ll be adding three types of fuel throughout the burn.

  • Fire starter, or tinder
  • Kindling
  • Split cord wood

Across all categories, stive to use only very dry, very high-quality materials. Anything wet or low quality will be more inclined to produce smoke.

For the fire starter, you have several options:

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  • Tumbleweed dipped in wax
  • Fatwood, or resin-soaked pine
  • Shredded newspaper
  • Shredded cardboard

Because you’re looking to maximize airflow at every step, avoid crumbling paper into a tight ball when using it start your fire.

Give preference to natural fire starters. Things like gasoline or lighter fluid can put off carcinogens and unpleasant odors.

For the kindling, opt for softwoods. Again, you want this to be as dry as possible. In terms of size, split your kindling into diameters between half an inch and one and a half inches.

If you’re using something like an old 2x4, double-check it is untreated wood to avoid chemical exposure. Just remember it must be split down into small enough pieces to effectively bridge the small flicker from your fire starter and the roaring fire from your cord wood.

Once your fire is ready, it’s time for cord wood. To minimize smoke production, using dried wood is the most important thing. Kiln-dried wood is ideal, but any wood kept out of the elements for an adequate amount of time will work.

Hardwoods are suggested, especially if you’re looking for a live fire cooking experience. Individual pieces should be between two and four inches in diameter.

  1. Fire Structure Matters

Proper airflow is the key to reducing smoke, so your goal is always to maximize the amount of oxygen available to your fire. This is why Breeo recommends starting your fire using the “log cabin” method. (Think the Lincoln Logs of your youth!)

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  1. A Gradual Build Is Best

Everyone is anxious to get to the roaring fire stage, but a slow build will result in a more smoke-free experience. Once your kindling is beginning to blacken, add a single piece of cord wood around  two inches in diameter.

Adding anything larger or piling on multiple logs at once can make your fire work too hard, and that can result in smoke.

  1. Implement the Proper Cleanup Routine

Excessive ash can lead to more smoke during subsequent fires. Whenever possible, let the fire completely burn out. This method of extinguishing your fire results in minimal ash. In addition to less smoke, that also means easier cleaning.

Safety note: if you can’t be there to monitor the fire as it goes out, always use a spark screen.

Avoid dousing your fire with water to extinguish it. This creates unwanted buildup in your X Airflow System that can render the smoke-free design less effective. (The ash and water drainage can also make a significant mess on your patio!)

Following all these guidelines will help ensure you enjoy a smoke-free fire with your Breeo fire pit time and time again.

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