Archatrak Porcelain Pavers

Archatrak logoIf you live in the Virginia and Maryland area, you’re likely well aware of the issues that the extreme weather can pose for anything left outside year round. From seat cushions to wood decking boards, the DMV region can wreak havoc on just about any exterior material.

If you’re currently trying to decide what to use to cover your patio, walkway, or rooftop deck, consider the advantages offered by porcelain paver tiles from companies such as Archatrak. Many of their attributes make them ideal for geographic regions like the DMV.

What separates Archatrak ?

  • Low maintenance.  Archatrak Porcelain Pavers are long lasting, and will handle all the elements of the summer and winter.
  • Speed of installation.  A faster installation as compared to most traditional decking materials. 
  • Styles, choices, and colors.  From stone to wood to ....well, you name it.  A color and style selection that grows by the year. 

Want to know more about Archatrak ? well you can start by viewing one of our rooftop decks that used Archatrak. 



Archatrak Moxy Hotel (2)


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