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Premium low-maintenance deck boards. Made by Royal, installed by your local deck contractor. 

One of the best deck products in Virginia, and Maryland is Zuri.   Zuri decking is a locally-produced, low-maintenance decking product that's ideal for ground-level porches and high-moisture areas, such as hot tub decks. It's an extremely green product, and is also:

  • Manufactured in Marion, Virginia with proprietary technology
  • Made with photorealistic wood print to replicate the beauty of real wood, so your Zuri decking color is authentic and fade-resistant
  • Protected by a 25-year warranty unmatched by Zuri competitors

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  • Design Builders MD services design-built this large Zuri deck in Montgomery County, Maryland

  • Design Builders, Inc. is a certified Zuri deck builder and Zuri deck board dealer in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.