The Pre-construction Process 

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The planning and permits process

 It's the most asked question: "How long will it be before you can start ?"  This used to be a hard one to answer.  Now its anyone guess.  The pandemic has caused massive delays in permitting and getting products.  Rules and regulations vary by state, county, and sometimes by jurisdiction.   What happens in Reston does not necessary happen in Bethesda.  Typically we can start a project within 4-6 months of signing a contract.  Our biggest delay is in getting permits and zoning, and this is something we cannot control. The part that we do control is quick and efficient.  

So what follows is how we would like to see things go:

Week 1: initial online consult.  Discuss and create ideas.
Week 2:  online preliminary plan review. The goal for this meeting is to confirm the skeleton of the project.  We want to confirm size, shape, elevation, column location, and door locations along with some other structural questions.  If time allows we will start to discuss electric layout and material choice.
Week 3: permit plan review. After the preliminary plan has been given approval, our drafter creates a permit ready set of plans.  These plans have much more details included, cross sections, elevations, proposed electirc plan, along with some other details.  At this meeting we want to confirm eleci layout and start to make material choices.
Week 4: final plan review: At this point plans are ready to submit for permit.  We are making final decisions and getting the plans ready for consturction.
Week 5: site measure. Our on staff drafter and designer meet on site to gather notes and particulars for the build.  No one needs to be home, but we are always glad to see you if you are!
Week 6: we submit for permit.
Once plans have been submitted for permit, please allow 45-90 days for us to obtain permits in MD & VA. 

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