The Design Builders Building Process

1 Miss Utility

A week before the construction is to begin our office manager sets up an appointment with Miss Utility to spray all utility lines and make sure there are no obstructions underground.

2. Pre-Construction meeting

At the pre-construction meeting all parties involved in the build will be preset: the home owner, the lead carpenter, the electrician, the construction manager, and the salesman. We go over the build from start to finish. We discuss building schedule, parking locations, where to park vehicles, special pet considerations, etc. We review the final building plans and set goal dates for the various aspects of the project.

3. Inspections

All inspections are scheduled by Design Builders Inc. For the typical project we will get: 1. footing inspection 2. framing inspection 3. electrical rough-in inspection 4. roofing close-in inspection 5. final inspection.

4. Project Manager

Our construction manager is responsible for all the behind-the-scene work on our projects. The CM orders all material, coordinates all trash removal, oversees construction, creates the building schedule, and oversees quality control.

5. Final Walkthrough

Before the final walk through, we will ask for a punch list. After the punch list has been completed, the project has been thoroughly cleared of building debris, and the home owner if happy with the finished product, we will set up a final project walkthrough. We will also ask for the home owner to complete a survey and provide feedback on our building process. At this point, the warranty coverage begins, and our one year walk through is scheduled.