Why Deck Building Subcontractors Can Be a Valuable Asset

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James Moylan

Saturday, August 09, 2014



Hiring a Well Organized Decking Contractor Will Provide Stability to the Subcontractors

An outdoor building project can require a lot of different skill sets, such as painting, trimming, framing, masonry, electrical engineering, design work, and landscaping, just to name a few. So how do you juggle that many professionals on just a single project?

The answer is: you don’t. You hire a contractor who will handle it for you. A good deck contractor will have a network of experienced subcontractors that they’ve vetted and used in the past. As a general rule, a subcontractor is hired after checking references, looking at testimonials, and seeing their past work in person. This helps you eliminate the trial and error process of hiring, and puts it instead in the hands of someone who is better able to identify the right professional for your job.

Here are just a few benefits that a subcontractor can bring to your project:


  • A high level of skill in their area.

    Companies who utilize only hourly employees may have a single person handling drywall, paint, trimming, framing, masonry – the whole thing. But subcontractors perform only one trade, whether that’s carpentry or dry wall. They are a specialist in their particular area, so they bring a greater craftsmanship to a project.

  • Motivated professionals.

    Subcontractors are running their own businesses, too. They’re ambitious and driven to perform well and deliver quality, since they want to earn the business of the contractor again.

  • More efficient work.

    Since subcontractors are paid per job they are motivated to complete the work in a timely manner, as opposed to hourly workers who may actually be motivated to drag the project on a bit to get paid more.

  • An extra level of quality control.

    When you’re working with a professional directly, there’s no one there to oversee their work and ensure you that it’s being done correctly. If you’re not an expert in the area yourself, it can often be hard to identify quality issues. But when you work with a company that manages subcontractors, the project’s construction manager or superintendent is on hand doing job site checks regularly, ensuring that everything is up to or exceeding standards.

  • Cost control.

    Since the labor isn’t subject to an hourly rate for subcontractors, it helps make pricing a project more straightforward. This means that it decreases that chance that you’ll be subject to an unexpected change order accompanied with higher costs down the road.

    It also helps decrease the overhead of the contractor you hire, since they have fewer employees to pay things like worker’s compensation, benefits, and payroll--although it’s important to note that a good contractor will only work with subcontractors who are also bonded, insured, and provide coverage, such as worker’s comp, for their employees. If you have any concerns, you should talk to your contractor about the process they use to select subcontractors to work with.

Of course, hourly employees have their place in an organization. A good contractor will develop a strong in-house team that is loyal to the company and invested in the company’s reputation. Ideally, you want a company that has a good balance of both full-time employees and subcontractors to ensure your project is completed with the highest quality possible.


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