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James Moylan

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

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Out-of-the-Box Uses for ZähBuilt Outdoor Cabinetry

Can you install ZähBuilt cabinetry in a standard outdoor kitchen or screened-in porch? Absolutely. And it’s a stunning, durable, low-maintenance option for that. But because these cabinets are built tough and designed specifically to weather the elements, it’s also no surprise people have come up with some pretty unique ZähBuilt cabinet installations. Check out these (slightly) out-of-the-box uses for this leading name in outdoor cabinetry.

7 Ways You Didn’t Think about Using ZähBuilt Cabinets

Interesting patterns and shapes. Environments that put cabinetry to the test. Here are some unexpected real-world ways people are thinking to use ZähBuilt cabinets.

  1. Using Accoya in Nonstandard Ways

Accoya is the innovative true wood solution used in the doors of the ZähBuilt Windswept collection. But people aren’t stopping at that use.

These are just some of the other ways people are experimenting with Accoya, a real wood material that’s rated for exterior use:

  • Cladding for stove hoods
  • Custom or standard crown molding
  • Baseboards
  • Exterior handrails (created custom for Disney)
  1. Creating Custom Shapes with ZähBuilt Cabinetry

Because the ZähBuilt brand focuses on creating a quality and customizable product, it’s possible to create nonstandard shapes within the cabinetry. For visual interest, one project incorporated an X design into their cabinet order. Others have created a bow front effect on the cabinetry doors.

One of the selling points of ZähBuilt is that they love working with interior designers, contractors, and homeowners to make those interesting, unique, nonstandard cabinetry ideas a reality. Each ZähBuilt representative is highly involved in the process of ensuring the customer idea is feasible by reviewing everything carefully with the manufacturing team before anything moves forward.

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  1. Capitalizing on ZähBuilt Cabinet Durability

One of the hallmarks of ZähBuilt is its durability. It’s a major selling point for the company and a great way it provides ongoing value for its customers.

Because these cabinets are able to withstand more than an average amount of wear and tear, some people have started using them as cabinetry within garages. This keeps the space organized, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Even car collectors have started ordering tall ZähBuilt cabinets to house all the tools necessary to maintain those collections. People are making this switch because standard interior cabinets aren’t often up to that level of use and can be left looking dinged and dented over time in those environments.

  1. Putting the ZähBuilt UV Resistance to the Test

One ZähBuilt installation was on a full exposure rooftop deck. Another ZähBuilt project was an outdoor service bar. In both cases, the installations received direct, intense UV exposure.

Even after multiple years of that, the installations looked pristine. No warping. No color fading.

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  1. Seeing if ZähBuilt’s Weather Resistance Holds Water

ZähBuilt cabinetry is designed to withstand the elements. That includes a resistance to water. Because of this property, it’s not surprising some have turned to ZähBuilt for their dock boxes. (These are secure storage solutions kept on or near docks. They’re meant to house anything that could be used in that space, including life vests, outdoor cushions, water skis, fishing poles, and more.)

Not only can ZähBuilt cabinets hold up to the water and sun exposure of that environment, but they also lend a modern, clean, upscale aesthetic. If desired, the exterior cabinetry could even be made to color and design match the home’s interior cabinetry.

  1. Helping Out Some Furry Friends

From dog wash stations to horse stables, some people have even starting using ZähBuilt cabinets to accommodate animal-filled spaces.

This cabinetry is a great fit for these unique jobs. Why?

  • Easy to clean and maintain, even in dirtier-than-average conditions
  • Water resistance in wetter-than-average conditions
  • Beautiful and timeless design providing an upscale, modern look


  1. Keeping It Secure with ZähBuilt Innovation

Several commercial spaces, including resorts and hotels, have landed on ZähBuilt as their outdoor cabinetry of choice.

The ability to add locks to the cabinets makes them ideal for places like the Ritz Carlton to keep their towels, cushions, and other poolside gear. The minimal maintenance requirements of the cabinetry is another huge plus, especially for areas that get frequent use. After a quick hosing off, they’re good to go!

Have a Traditional (or Nontraditional) Use for ZähBuilt Cabinets in Your Northern Virginia or Maryland Property?

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For decades we’ve specialized in custom outdoor living spaces in the Northern Virginia and Maryland markets. We’re always happy to see how the products we use and love every day, including ZähBuilt, can bring your vision to life!

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