Get to Know the SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door

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James Moylan

Thursday, December 21, 2023

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Is the Zero-Clearance Sliding Screen Door from SCREENEZE® Right for Your Screen Porch?

If you’re designing a screen porch and considering  your door options, be sure to check out what the SCREENEZE® Zero-Clearance Sliding Screen Door has to offer. If you’re looking for a barn door style screen door, this innovative, modern, no-spline solution could be the perfect answer.

 What Is the SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door?

The SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door is a new product from SCREENEZE®, the manufacturer of the no-spline screen porch systems. 

The barn door style sliding screen door uses the same screen fabric and legacy technology as their traditional screen porch systems. It can be installed from the interior or exterior of the screen porch, and can be made to glide either left or right.

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How Did This Sliding Screen Door Come About?

SCREENEZE® has increasingly become the go-to solution for outdoor living spaces. Known for their durable, low-maintenance, no-spline screen porch systems, they’ve become a favorite among homeowners, designers, and contractors.

Over the years, people have consistently asked the company if they offer a door solution. Not wanting to simply put out a traditional door or retractable option, the company set to work creating something new and innovative for the market.

Their main goals and priorities with the door were to:

  • Create something as simple, durable, and low maintenance as the rest of their product line;
  • Preserve views without any obstructions;
  • Eliminate common problems associated with traditional doors, such as dead floor space;
  • Offer an easy-to-ship screen porch door solution.

The zero-clearance sliding screen door is the end result of years of planning and testing.

What Colors Are Available for the SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door?

The SCREENEZE® door comes in four available colors:

  • Bronze
  • White
  • Sand
  • Clay

This color variety allows people to match or to complement their existing design scheme. Every color is neutral and timeless, which means it can integrate seamlessly into just about any home.

What’s Included with the SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door Kit?

The SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door kit comes with everything you or your contractor needs to install.

  • UltraVue® 2 by Phifer® screen fabric
  • Necessary installation hardware
  • An all-aluminum and 403 stainless steel ball bearing glide
  • Heavy-duty corner keys with predrilled holes (improves installation accuracy and cuts down on time)

All these components are broken down in a box, which makes each door unit easy to ship and assemble.

The doors use the same SCREENEZE® snap technology as their traditional screening systems. Year after year, SCREENEZE® installations have proven their durability—even through tornadoes and hurricane-level wind. Homeowners can be confident in the strength, durability, and lifetime value of any SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door.

(For a more comprehensive breakdown, check out the top 10 SCREENEZE® benefits.)

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What Are the Available SCREENEZE® Door Styles?

The SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door is fabricated to fit a standard finished door opening measuring 36" x 80.5".  

If you want a wider option, there's also the SCREENEZE® French Door Kit. This combines two sliding screen doors in a French door style. 

This option provides several key benefits:

  • Improved airflow, due to the larger opening
  • Easier maneuverability of screened porch furniture
  • More modern, sleek design aesthetic

Think the SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door Is Right for Your Northern Virginia or Maryland Home?

Standard screen doors are notorious for being problematic. Sagging screens over time. Difficult, time-consuming splines and staples. Those heel-clipping closures!

SCREENEZE® has designed, engineered, and manufactured a better solution to remove those issues—and more.

Here at Design Builders, we use SCREENEZE® products on many of our custom, high-end outdoor living space projects. Our customers love them—from day one to decades later. If you have any questions about the SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door (or anything else related to outdoor living spaces), don’t hesitate to reach out!

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