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James Moylan

Saturday, January 20, 2024

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Which SCREENEZE® Colors Dominate…and Why?

If you’ve ever used anything from SCREENEZE®, you know the company is laser focused on providing a high-quality, low-maintenance, beautiful product. This applies to their entire product line and overall product design, but it even carries over into the smaller details. This includes their suite of SCREENEZE® color choices. See what they offer, what’s most popular, and some practical and aesthetic reasons two of their colors consistently come out on top.Free e book choosing a dependable contractor

What SCREENEZE® Colors Are Available?

The SCREENEZE® No-Spline Screen Porch System comes in four different colors: Bronze, White, Sand, and Clay.

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These colors carry over to other products as well, including their SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door.

Which SCREENEZE® Colors Are Most Popular…and Which Trail Behind?

Of the four colors offered by SCREENEZE®, two are by far the most popular: White and Bronze.

(Although Sand and Clay are selected less frequently than White and Bronze, they remain popular, neutral choices for both residential and commercial builds.)

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Why Are White and Bronze from SCREENEZE® So Popular?

Why do so many homeowners gravitate toward Bronze and White when choosing their SCREENEZE® products? After years of installing these screen systems for our Design Builders clients, we’ve heard these three reasons come up again and again.

  • Complements Existing Design Scheme

With White and Bronze, you never have to worry about the colors clashing or otherwise not working with your existing design. This includes complementing any external trim, paint, or stain.

Whether you’re building a screen porch from scratch or renovating an existing space, these colors can seamlessly fit into any design aesthetic.

  • Timeless and Classic

White and Bronze have always been popular design choices because of their versatility and neutrality. When you opt for this color as part of your outdoor living space, you’re locking in something with classic, timeless appeal. (No concerns here about choosing something that just ends up looking dated a few years down the road!)

  • Represents Great ROI

Since these colors are timeless and the product itself is both high-quality and low-maintenance, homeowners see tremendous value from adding SCREENEZE®. No matter when you choose to sell the property, this design choice is going to add value—not serve as a financial liability.

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Have Any Questions about the SCREENEZE® Colors or Product Lines?

Want to know more about SCREENEZE® or what colors would integrate into that new screen porch you’ve been thinking about adding to your Northern Virginia or Maryland home?

Don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’re Design Builders, and for decades we’ve been creating high-end, customized outdoor living spaces for our clients. Whatever you want to know, we’re always happy to answer your questions related to decks, screen porches, or outdoor kitchens!