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Deck Planning Part 4: Walkways and Furniture

Posted in: Decks in Maryland

James Moylan

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mapping Out Thoroughfares

Deck Planning Series Part 4

The Deck Planning Series is a five-part blog series that offers helpful hints about mapping out your deck project.

You know whether you’ll be building a traditional deck or screen porch, whether you’ll be using this addition for entertainment or as an investment alone, and how you plan to furnish the area. Now that you’ve envisioned the project in your mind up to this point, ask yourself: Is there room to walk around comfortably and easily?

Undoubtedly, there have been times when you’ve wished that one particular door or window could just be relocated in your home to make for easier furniture placement and uncluttered pathways. Since you’re building your deck or screen porch from scratch, you have the ability to ensure that you will always have well-thought-out thoroughfares.

The natural paths you will take on your deck from the door to the stairs or the door to the table or the table to the grill will dictate where your furniture can be placed on your deck. Just like with any interior room, your deck needs a natural flow – it’s crucial to consider where you will situate that chaise, the umbrella table, or your professional-sized grill so that there won’t be a lot of bumps and bruises in an effort to get from point A to point B.

Take into consideration too whether you’re planning to enhance your outdoor space with tubs of flowers, potted plants, or decorative items. Each addition to your deck takes up a little bit more space – allow for all possible deck amenities so that you can plan your space generously. Even if every imagined piece of furniture or greenery doesn’t ultimately materialize, it’s always better to have too much room than not enough.

Up next in Part 5 of the Deck Planning Series: Do you have enough light and power?


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