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Where Are Danver Cabinets Used Outside of the Residential Market?

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James Moylan

Monday, May 09, 2016


Danver stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinetry has established itself well in the residential sector. As people look to design or renovate their outdoor living spaces, Danver consistently comes up as the benchmark of quality and beauty in stainless steel outdoor cabinetry. However, it’s not just private residences or homeowners that are interested in what Danver has to offer. There is an increasingly large push for these stainless steel cabinets in the commercial sector as well.


The Hospitality Market

Especially in recent years, there’s been a tremendous upswing in the interest surrounding Danver cabinets within the hospitality market. This market encompasses areas such as:

  • Golf courses.
  • Country clubs.
  • Rooftop communities.

Essentially, the hospitality arena can be thought of as areas where major events are held and people are drawn in through external attractions.

Corporations and Private Events

Danver cabinets have become increasingly common in these areas, whether they are rented out by corporations or private individuals. From renting single rooms to entire spaces, these areas are utilized most often for:


  • Any number of corporate events.
  • Weddings, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, or engagement parties.
  • Birthday parties.
  • School reunions.
  • Holiday parties.

Why Are Danver Cabinets Appealing in These Areas?

Many of these events that require the renting of a room or entire space also feature an accessible bar and cooking area. More and more, the cooking itself is becoming part of the spectacle and entertainment, and Danver cabinetry can allow people to cook outside while everyone enjoys that aspect of the event.

Poolside Dining

Another area where Danver is gaining traction is in resort-like areas such as Las Vegas. Just as the cooking is becoming a part of the spectacle at corporate events, people are increasingly interested in fusing their poolside experiences with their dining experiences.

In response to the specific demands of that commercial market, Danver has also created and recently introduced mobile cabinetry units. These are essentially cooking stations that are on rolling carts. They are made from the same high-end materials, and they offer the same level of diversity and quality, but they are simply mobile. This means the unit can easily be moved in or out to accommodate different weather, events, layout of furniture, etc.

People who don’t opt for the mobile units are tending to build the Danver cabinetry in place but with a wide array of cooking products. This allows the chefs to offer a varied menu to their customers as well as different drink options on site.



The other area where Danver is growing quickly is with restaurants. Rather than going to a sit-down restaurant and ordering your food, people are increasingly enamored with the idea of having that food prepared in front of them. These Danver units allow the smells and other sensory experiences of the food being cooked to become part and parcel of the dining out experience.


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