What Kind of Warranty Does Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens Offer?

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James Moylan

Monday, February 01, 2016


Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens are backed by the best warranty in the outdoor kitchen industry

One of the differentiating factors between high-end products is often the warranty, and this is definitely one area where Danver Outdoor Kitchens has made a name for itself. While other companies offer limited warranties or don’t honor warranties at all, Danver boasts a lifetime warranty on all stainless steel cabinetry.

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Stainless Steel versus Stainless Steel Cabinetry


The first (and perhaps most) important thing to understand about the Danver warranty is the distinction between the material used to make the cabinets and the cabinets themselves.

In this way, the stainless steel itself is not covered by the lifetime warranty. However, the workmanship associated with the stainless steel cabinets is.

Danver doesn’t create the stainless steel; it merely uses that material in its cabinetry. Its warranty, therefore, only covers what the company creates and can control.

Maintenance and Care of Stainless Steel


Especially when exposed to extreme external temperatures and weather patterns as these outdoor cabinets are, there is some necessary care and maintenance that must be done to the stainless steel itself. If those steps aren’t taken, there is the potential for surface rust or even minor pitting.

These issues aren’t indications of any deficiency in Danver’s workmanship. Rather, this is associated with maintenance issues and neglect.

“From the standpoint of workmanship, we’re very confident there are not going to be any problems,” said Mitchell Slater, founder and president of Danver. “We’ve been building these cabinets for fifteen years — ten with stainless steel — without warranty issues, and that will continue so long as the warranty is viewed as a workmanship warranty. Negligence is not part of the warranty.”

Powder Coating and Danver’s Warranty


The powder coating on Danver’s stainless steel cabinets does not fall under their lifetime warranty. Instead, they offer a limited warranty of seven years on all powder coating.

This more limited warranty is partially due to the fact that environment can play such a variable role in how the paint wears.

Due to continued success with the durability of the powder coating, however, Danver is considering extending that existing warranty.

“At this point, we have been painting for about nine years, and we haven’t had any warranty issues,” Slater said. “We’re going to let it go a couple more years and probably raise the warranty to something like ten years. In many cases, that’s as long as people live in their homes before moving anyway.”

As with stainless steel, the warranty doesn’t cover any issues of paint-related negligence or damage due to such negligence.

What Maintenance Is Required?


Since the warranties do not cover issues of negligence, what yearly maintenance is recommended for Danver stainless steel cabinets? The answer depends on several factors.

  • Weather and Climate

Depending on where your outdoor cabinets are installed, the climate can affect the steel differently. Particularly if you live close to the ocean, the salt in the air can cause pitting if allowed to sit on bare stainless steel.

If your cabinets are exposed to snow during the winter months, a thorough cleaning is usually necessary after all that snow and ice melts.

  • Powder Coating

If the cabinets have a powder coating, this not only adds aesthetic value, but it also protects the stainless steel underneath because it actually seals the metal against the elements.

  • Cleaner with Coating Element

One of the best ways to protect the metal against external factors is using a cleaner that leaves a thin coating. Especially if your cabinets are bare, exposed metal, this can mitigate negative effects from lemon or lime juice (or any acid) as well as fingerprints.

For more information about Danver Outdoor Kitchen and the warranties offered on their various products or how their cabinets could fit with your outdoor living space, please feel free to contact a representative of Design Builders, Inc.