Custom Potomac, Maryland, Screen Porch by Design Builders

James Moylan

Monday, January 22, 2024


Potomac, Maryland, Screen Porch Reveals Customization Options with a Design and Build Firm

When you’re investing in a screen porch, it’s a big financial and logistical commitment. You want to make sure that whatever you build is high-quality, low-maintenance, and exactly how you want it. This helps ensure your investment results in a space you can enjoy for decades. If you have a screen porch idea that requires a great deal of customization, check out this previous Design Builders project. With this custom Potomac, Maryland, screen porch, discover how every detail can be made to your specifications.


The Driving Idea behind This Custom Screened Porch

When this Potomac, Maryland, homeowner came to Design Builders, he already had a very specific idea in mind for how he wanted his custom screen porch to look. He had seen a screen porch in a magazine and absolutely loved every detail of that project.

He provided numerous photos, saying that was what he wanted. He asked about the feasibility of recreating that space on his property, and we assured him that customization is part and parcel of what we do at Design Builders.

While some companies that specialize in outdoor living spaces provide cookie-cutter options, Design Builders focuses on unique, custom, high-end builds.

“This homeowner came ready to go with a design concept and plenty of pictures,” said James Moylan, owner of Design Builders. “We were able to take those materials and recreate it for him in his own backyard.”


Peek Inside…4 Project Highlights of This Custom Potomac, Maryland, Screen Porch

When this challenging, intricate build was complete, there were lots of details to celebrate:

  1. Intricacies in the ceiling

Because of the complicated nature of the build and the different roof pieces necessary, the ceiling was an intricate feat of engineering, aesthetics, and design.

  1. Custom circles

To match the source material, numerous custom circles were built into the beams. This design aesthetic was taken throughout the screen porch.

Creating circles in the various materials brought its own challenges, but the Design Builders team was able to accommodate.

“With some construction teams, your options are more limited. There’s a set, cookie-cutter template for what they provide,” said Moylan. “With a true design and build firm, like Design Builders, every customization is on the table. Using our experience and expertise, we’ll let you know if something is possible. Then, if it is, it’s just a matter of time and money to execute.”


3. No detail spared

Everything about this build was incredibly ornate and detailed. From the paint to the trim to the finishes and the electrical components, this was a time-consuming, meticulous, exacting project.

As just a few examples:

  • The wrought iron handrails were created custom.
  • The top of the handrail included a beautiful, high-quality piece of hardwood and an integrated circle pattern.
  • All metal was powder coated to certain color specifications.
  • A skylight was redone and upgraded.
  • A deck was added on the side that enhanced the functionality of the space and aesthetically tied into the entire project.
  1. Stunning floor

This project wasn’t a place where just the design concept was high end. Every detail, including the materials, was weighed and considered. The gorgeous flooring, made of Brazilian Ipe hardwood, is one prime example.

Takeaways from this Custom Screen Porch for Northern Virginia and Maryland Homeowners

Thinking about adding a screen porch or other outdoor living space to your Northern Virginia or Maryland home? Are customization options and unique details important to you?

Then here are some key lessons to be learned from this beautiful build:

  • If you have a highly unique idea for your space, talk to an experienced, expert design and build firm. They will have insight and guidance about what’s possible and not, and they’ll have the know-how to execute whatever is.
  • Every aspect of a design and build project can be customized. Ceilings. Floors. Columns. Railings. Trim pieces. Whatever you want done to certain specifications can be discussed with your team. This applies to layout, materials used, and overall aesthetic.
  • One of the biggest benefits of working with a custom design and build team is being able to integrate what’s most important to you. Screen porches are an investment. The final product should be exactly what you want.

Want to talk to a design and build team that…

  • Views builds as a collaborative process?
  • Is experienced enough to let you know when something’s possible (or advisable) and not?
  • Has the expertise to execute on your custom ideas?

Then reach out to Design Builders today. We’d love to provide a free quote and get the ball rolling!

Tell us about your idea!