Are Sunspace WeatherMaster Windows Good for Northern Virginia and Maryland homes?

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James Moylan

Thursday, October 12, 2023

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If you live in Maryland or Northern Virginia, you might be wondering what kind of windows will suit your screened-in porch. At Design Builders, we work exclusively in these areas creating custom, high-end exterior living spaces. For these projects, we’re big fans of Sunspace WeatherMaster windows. Here’s why we recommend them in our region.

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No Small Plastic Pieces

Other window brands use a slew of tiny complicated parts in their systems. Each of those tiny parts is essentially a liability. (A working part is a breaking part!) Sunspace WeatherMaster windows use one working part—a spring clip. That’s it.

In Maryland and Virginia, where winters can be harsh and cold, one of the biggest benefits here is that this spring clip isn’t plastic. Plastic can degrade and get brittle over time, and cold weather only exacerbates this problem. Plastic working pieces in our climate are just asking to break! This puts a financial burden on the homeowner, and it puts the windows out of commission until they can be fixed.

Protection from the Elements…with Great Ventilation

As any resident knows, the DMV area is notorious for buggy summers. (Mosquitoes are a particularly big nuisance!) Having a window system like Sunspace provides you adequate protection from insects, wind, rain, pollen, harmful UV rays, and more. Because of their unique design, though, you can also get up to 75 percent ventilation. This gives you the security of an enclosed area with the comfort and outdoor feel of an open porch.

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Preserve Your Views

If your DMV home has a view, Sunspace WeatherMaster windows are a great way to ensure you don’t compromise that important home asset. The maximum width of one of these windows is twelve feet, and the maximum height is eight feet. That generous size allows for beautiful, unobstructed views.

Note, if your goal is maximum view preservation, make sure to go with the clear tint for your ViewFlex vinyl. That will let the most natural light into your space. (Want to learn more about all your color and tint options? Check out this article here.)

Do You Want to Build an Exterior Living Space in the DMV?

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