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How Does CoConstruct Improve Contractor to Homeowner Communications?

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James Moylan

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


How Does CoConstruct Improve Contractor and Client Communications?

One of the most challenging parts of a home build or remodel is navigating the communication between you and your contractor. In a process that involves so many moving parts and so many variables, it’s easy for the exact details of the job to get muddled, lost, or unexpectedly changed—all of which can lead to serious frustration. With a tool like CoConstruct, however, this communication process becomes a lot simpler and a lot more seamless.

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4 Ways CoConstruct Can Facilitate Communication between You and Your Contractor

1.  Focusing the Conversation through CoConstruct

In any given job, there are so many decisions to make—from carpet types to flooring options to specific fixtures. All of that can easily get confused or jumbled when you’re having disparate conversations about each of those specific decisions.

With the CoConstruct platform, a contractor can give a client an estimate with a spec sheet, and then all relevant parties can have communications specific to certain line items within that estimate. By having all the conversations in one system, everything is organized, easy to find, and easy to reference down the road. This helps contractors when it comes time to purchase or install, but it also helps clients, who can go back and reference specifics about any given decision.


2.  Aggregating All Communication in One Platform

With the dedicated message board, clients and contractors can post a general conversation topic or a thread relating to a specific item, ensuring every level of conversation is convenient and retrievable through the CoConstruct system.

It also means anyone pertinent to the project can log in and get the necessary information from those aggregated communication threads. Rather than having to work through a lengthy or time-intensive chain of command, everyone can easily get in contact with anyone else involved in that portion of the project.

By opening up those communication channels, it minimizes wasted time and any lost opportunities to discuss important details.

3.  Receiving Communication on the Go

Within the CoConstruct platform, the client has the option to turn on alerts via e-mail. This way, if a contractor posts a question or a comment, the client will receive notice of that immediately. The client can even reply directly to the comment—without having to log in to the system to do so.

All this leads to quicker, easier communication, regardless of whether the people are at work, out and about, or anywhere else. 

The client can also regulate how often these communications come through by signing up for daily or weekly summary updates. 

4.  Staying Engaged in the Building Process

For people who are in the homebuilding process, CoConstruct includes a “job log” feature. This lets the client see exactly what’s already complete, what’s in the process of getting done, and what’s next on the schedule. While this doesn’t require back-and-forth communication, it’s another way the client can stay on top of everything that’s happening within the build. It keeps people engaged and informed about the day-to-day logistics of the project—rather than having to personally reach out to ask or, even worse, simply not knowing what’s going on with the build.

With daily updates, clients can see everything from rain delays to material delivery schedules. This total transparency helps ensure everyone is always on the same page, and it allows clients to see daily progress, as well as understand the reasoning behind any deviation from the original schedule.

Here at Design Builders, Inc., we’ve had a highly positive reception to CoConstruct from our clients. They know they’re getting more information for less effort, and that’s better for everybody. If you have any questions about this software or how it can facilitate your next project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a representative of Design Builders, Inc., today!