4 Creative Ways to Use Composite Decking in Outdoor Living Spaces

James Moylan

Wednesday, May 24, 2023


In Today’s Outdoor Living Space, Decking Isn’t Just for Decks Anymore

Where’s the best place to put composite decking? If you automatically said on a deck, that’s not actually the case anymore. In today’s custom, high-end outdoor living spaces, decking is a much more versatile material. Here are four creative places to incorporate composite deck boards in your outdoor living space.

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Where to Put Composite Deck Boards (Other Than Your Deck!)

Move over, decks. There are a lot more ways to use composite decking boards in modern exterior design.

  1. As Siding

compisute dekcing as siding

Composite decking is sleek and attractive. It’s low maintenance but also resistant to weather, rot, and wear. It’s often easy to install.

Given all these reasons to choose composite decking, it’s no wonder design and build firms today routinely use it for exterior siding.

Resembling traditional clapboard, composite decking is an attractive, simple solution for anywhere siding, exterior cladding, or exterior trim would otherwise be used.

The most common applications include:

  • Front porches
  • Rooftop decks
  • Contemporary homes and structures, including sheds 
  1. As Under-Deck Trim

fiberon ipe decking with hidden fastener installation clifton, virginia (1)

Lattice is a common way to close off any under-deck gap, but many design and build firms today avoid lattice when possible. To many designers , it looks outdated and unattractive. As homeowners increasingly come around to the same idea, more and more people are looking for viable deck lattice alternatives.

One easy, attractive, low-maintenance solution? Composite decking boards.

Depending on the space and the homeowner’s aesthetic preferences, the composite decking can be run horizontally, vertically, or at an angle.

You don’t have to worry about longevity or wear, even in extreme climates, and it creates a more upscale, finished look that complements the existing home and outdoor living space on a whole.

  1. As Partition Walls or Privacy Walls

decking as fence

When you’re designing larger, more comprehensive outdoor living spaces, it sometimes makes sense to add a partition wall or a privacy wall.

This can be used to give you a sense of space and division, especially from overly close neighbors. (This is a problem any Northern Virginia design and build firm knows well!)

If the outdoor living space is large enough, it can also serve as a way to naturally divide different areas within that space. Think separating a wet bar from a dining area or a gathering space from a food prep zone.

In either case, using composite decking in those structures gives you aesthetic, functional, and durability-related benefits.

  1. As Walls in an Outdoor Shower

trex samples

If you have a beach house, pool house, or similar structure, composite decking can be an effective material for an outdoor shower area. Unlike natural wood, you don’t have to worry about splinters, mildew, or water-related wear and tear.

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