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Deck lighting.  Who cares ?   Well, you should.  here's why.

James Moylan

Monday, February 24, 2020

Design Builders deck lighting

Light Up the Night

Daydreaming about that iconic outdoor living space is fun. However,  it can be easy to forget some things that while not so exciting, are essential to your new deck or screened porch.  Enter lighting.   It’s our job to help you determine the best illumination for your space. After all, you can’t always count on the moonlight to show you the way.

Steel Cable Deck Railings.  So..whats the deal ?

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James Moylan

Friday, February 21, 2020



If you’re in the process of designing an outdoor living space, it’s likely you've been evaluating the relative pros and cons of various railing systems. One such railing system involves stainless steel cable rails. Steel cable railings are durable, contemporary deck railing options for Zuri decks in Virginia, porches in Maryland, and rooftop decks in D.C. Keep reading to learn if steel cable handrails are right for your outdoor living space.

6 features to look for when buying outdoor kitchen cabinetry

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James Moylan

Thursday, February 20, 2020

danver Design Builders Bethesda kitchen 1

Are you installing an outdoor kitchen or thinking about adding one during your next remodel? If so, it’s a good bet you’ve got outdoor kitchen cabinetry on the brain. With so many options, materials, and styles to choose from today, it can be hard to know which cabinets are right for you.

If you keep these six features in mind, though, you’re likely to end up with the most functional, beautiful, and durable cabinets for the job!

Glass Railings for Decks : The pros and cons

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James Moylan

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

 Chevy Chase 2 story railings


Railing systems are becoming varied and intricate.  One specific type we are seeing more and more is the glass rail.  Glass deck railing systems are unique deck products that promise to add a modern flare to deck and patio design ideas for decks in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. Their visual appeal and durability, courtesy of glass railings and stainless steel balusters or glass balusters, are not matched by many other porch railings, including cable deck rails. However, so-called invisible railings for decks and porches aren't going to be the perfect fit for every new outdoor living space.

Trex in the community: Charity Projects and Community Outreach

Posted in: Trex Decking

James Moylan

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

trex logo

Consumers today expect more out of the corporations that get their business. For many, it’s not enough to simply offer a great product at a competitive price; corporate social responsibility, or the self-regulating business model that encourages an entity to be socially accountable, is an increasing consideration in the purchase process.