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                Subtle yet attractive and purposeful, this screened porch and outdoor kitchen design in Bethesda, Maryland represents an elegant solution for two homeowners who wanted to expand on their home’s usable living space within a confined area.

                A 13’ x 22’ screen room, which boasts Ipe hardwood decking, white PVC handrails, and matching trim, was visibly built with the comfort of its occupants in mind. It is wired with multiple electrical outlets for techies, a ceiling fan for keeping muggy summer nights pleasant, and a patented SCREENEZE screening system to prevent hordes of mosquitoes and other pests from crashing the party. It also has accommodations for outdoor speakers to keep guests entertained, rendering it a perfect spot for hosting large volumes of people without sacrificing comfort or amenities.

                A glance upwards rewards occupants with a simple yet elegant design aesthetic, marked by white pine rafter beams, twin 2’ x 4’ Velux skylights, and a quintet of contrasting black designer wall sconces. Several PVC-trimmed beams support the look, while the screened enclosure’s gutters and shingles match that of the home.

                The structure’s free-standing, pressure-treated wood frame also underpins a stunning 13’ x 10’ elevated sun deck, where a prominent outdoor kitchen demonstrates that modern decks can be much more than simple sitting spaces. A series of stainless steel Danver cabinets in ‘metallic bronze matte’ trim sits atop the Ipe hardwood decking, which was installed parallel to the home using hidden fasteners, and sports two large refrigerated units as well as means for waste disposal.

                Guaranteed to last, Danver stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets require minimal maintenance and are covered by a warranty that ensures this Green Egg Smoker, Blaze Grill, and countertop stove will be in good company for many years to come. Meanwhile, Dekton countertops by Cosentino and reserved deckspace provide plenty of flat surfaces for people and their plates of barbecue to be placed. Danver outdoor kitchen cabinets are the best durable outdoor cabinets you can buy regarding outdoor cabinetry.

                By replacing a small outdoor patio with a deck and screened porch with graspable handrails, a modest lighting package, and an outdoor kitchen, these Bethesda homeowners transformed their home into a unique living space that can be enjoyed both indoors and out.


  • Ipe hardwood decking (Brazilian walnut)
  • SCREENEZE screening system
  • Danver stainless steel outdoor cabinets, metallic bronze matte