What time of year should you build a rooftop deck ?

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James Moylan

Monday, January 27, 2020

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For homeowners, construction projects invariably come with a laundry list of logistical hurdles and lots of questions, and when it comes to rooftop decks, one question in particular comes up again and again. What time of year is best to start this type of project? The answer, though, might just surprise homeowners.

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Rooftop Decks Are Possible Year Round

That’s right. While you might assume weather would limit when you can start a rooftop deck build, it’s actually possible to do one of these jobs at any point during the year. So, if your schedule is particularly hectic or busy, rest easy knowing this job can work around what works best for you.

However…Some Months Are Better Than Others for Rooftop Deck Builds 

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That being said, certain months are definitely more conducive to a smooth, quick, seamless build. July and August, for example, tend to be extremely hot in certain areas of the country, and these extreme temperatures can make the job more difficult and slow. Again, it’s doable during this time frame, but the brutally hot weather can make a job less efficient, which can lead to more billable hours and a longer wait before the project is complete.

Similarly, very cold months (typically December to February) aren’t ideal either. The ice and freezing temperatures mean workers have to be extra careful with all construction jobs but particularly with rooftop decks. A winter build is possible if it’s the only time that works with your schedule, but again, weather- and temperature-related hurdles are likely to delay the process. This means a potentially more expensive build and more time you have your life disrupted by the construction itself.

The ideal months to build are May, June, September, October, and November. Weather tends to be more mild and temperate during these months, and you’re less likely to run into delays or complications due to severe temperature or weather.

Why Does Timing Matter? Think About the Deck Construction Process.

One big consideration with a rooftop deck build is that your roof will be opened during the construction process. Reputable, conscientious build firms will make every effort to minimize the amount of time your roof has to be open and exposed to the elements because water damage can cause serious (and costly) problems. Working during those ideal build months helps you avoid inclement weather, so it’s easier to confidently predict a day that’s safe to open the roof, do the necessary work, and close it back up.

Keep in mind, the ideal months for construction are going to depend on your geographic location. If, for example, you tend to experience lots of rain in early summer, June wouldn’t be the best time to build in your area. If you’re ever in doubt, simply ask your design and build firm. They should have experience in your location and can shed light on which months are most conducive to a smooth, efficient build.

Book Early to Secure a Spot

Because the shoulder season months are ideal for rooftop deck building, these months are the first to fill up. It’s important, therefore, to contact your build firm well in advance. Especially companies with solid reputations in your area can book up quickly, so start asking around and getting bids well before you want the work started. With just a little bit of advance planning, you can help ensure you work with the most experienced company that provides the best value for their work.