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What is The Best Screen Material for Your Screen Porch?

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James Moylan

Friday, May 30, 2014

Screen Porch screen Material

Best Screen Material Options For Your Screen Porch 

If you want to keep bugs out of your screen porch, fiberglass is the way to go. This material is woven from permanent grass yarn and then a vinyl (PVC) coating is applied. The gaps between these incredibly strong strands are too tiny for a bug to crawl through.


The Benefits of Fiberglass Screening

You can find other screen options that will keep bugs out, but fiberglass is superior for a number of reasons.

1. Fiberglass screens come in a wide variety of colors and transparencies.

You can easily find a fiberglass screen that matches your home. Also, the varying transparencies mean that you can find a screen that’s nearly transparent, allowing you to continue enjoying your view without obstruction. Or you can opt for a very dark color that even provides a little shade for your porch.

2. A fiberglass screen doesn’t rust, corrode, or stain.

Less maintenance is required to keep it looking great.

3. The fiberglass material is flexible and durable.

Since it stretches and pulls a little bit, it means that you can get an extremely tight screen with no sagging, and it also doesn’t dent if hit. It also doesn’t rip or scratch easily.

4. Fiberglass screens last forever.

The material is not expensive, and it’s a good investment for the long term.


When to Consider an Aluminum Screen

The only time to consider aluminum is when you are trying to match an existing room or a historical project. If everything else is aluminum, it may not look right to replace part of the project with a fiberglass screen.

However, you should be aware that there are many drawbacks to this material:
  • Aluminum screening doesn’t stretch. If hit, it will indent or leave a mark.
  • Aluminum screens rip fairly easily.
  • Aluminum screens don’t pull tight, so they can become loose and sag.
  • Aluminum comes in far fewer color choices.

For most projects, fiberglass is a better choice, providing a durable, long-lasting solution for keeping bugs outdoors.  

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