3 Unique SCREENEZE® Installations

James Moylan

Friday, January 05, 2024

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What’s Possible with the SCREENEZE® No-Spline Screen Porch System? These 3 Projects Answer That Question!

If you’re interested in creating or renovating your screen porch, you might have heard about SCREENEZE®. For more than twenty years, the company has made a name for itself by offering one of the easiest, most durable, and highest quality screen products on the market. (At Design Builders, we create custom outdoor living spaces for our clients, and they consistently love what SCREENEZE® provides!) To see exactly what this product is capable of, check out these three unique SCREENEZE® installations.Free e book choosing a dependable contractor

Testing the Limits of SCREENEZE®

Due to the durability, quality, and innovation of the SCREENEZE® products, installers are always trying to find the edges of its capabilities. Here are three unique installations that attempted just that.

1. Creating Unique Shapes with the SCREENEZE® System

Most users know the typical SCREENEZE® Legacy System, an innovative way to tightly and confidently secure screens in place. The system, which uses one of six recommended screen fabrics, is most often used in outdoor screen porches. This means they’re almost always spanning square or rectangular spaces.

One large apartment complex decided to opt for SCREENEZE® in a unique way. Wood-N-Works out of North Carolina used the SCREENEZE® system for half the arched openings on all the different floors of the apartment complex.

Since the project was such a success, they came back about seven years later, tearing out the old screens and redoing the entire complex.

Everything they removed—even all those years down the line—was just as tight and strong as the day of the initial installation. 

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2. Testing Extreme Sizes with SCREENEZE®

While the company doesn’t officially recommend openings larger than 150 square feet, that doesn’t stop homeowners and installers from testing the limits of those recommendations.

With one installation, a 220-square-foot panel was installed. Six years after the fact, it also remained as tight as the day it was installed.

Here at Design Builders, the potential size of the screen panels is one of the biggest selling points for our customers.

“We regularly do twenty-foot spans with our SCREENEZE® installations, and we hear the same thing from our clients over and over. We never knew we could have a view like this,” said James Moylan, owner of Design Builders. “Our customers are used to seeing posts every eight feet, and this product allows us to build screen porches with truly unobstructed views.”

Again, the company doesn’t officially endorse or recommend panels over 150 square feet, but the final installation size is at the discretion of the client and installer.

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3. Pushing SCREENEZE® and the Recommended Screen Fabrics to Their Durability Limits

Another massive selling point of SCREENEZE® is the durability of the company-recommended screen fabric. (While SCREENEZE® does not manufacture this fabric themselves, they do have six different types they recommend.)

Just as installers are inclined to test the size limits of the product, they are also interested in seeing just how much force those fabrics can successfully withstand.

Cornerstone Life Construction created one such installation. They manually put together an entire two-story screen frame and panel and, using a crane, welded it to the exterior of an existing structure that backed up to a golf course.

The idea was to see if SCREENEZE®-recommended screen fabric could proactively stop golf balls. To this day, not one golf ball has gotten through.

Is SCREENEZE® Right for Your Northern Virginia or Maryland Screen Porch Project?

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