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Turning a Rental Into a Home

Posted in: Decks in Maryland

James Moylan

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Featured Building Project

Turning a Rental Into a Home

Each Design Builders project is unique, and each of our clients receives the same treatment: 100 percent attention to detail. The impetus behind Ron and Patricia Steinert’s dual project – interior and exterior renovations – was to revamp a property that had been a rental unit and turn it into a permanent home.

Deciding on a Builder and a Design

The plan for the Steinerts’ neglected, overgrown, and unusable backyard: a new and expanded deck, new stone patio with a stone retaining wall providing planting space for both decorative planting and a vegetable garden, and a new fence enclosure. Interior upgrades: refinishing existinghardwoodfloors throughout the house,repairingexisting drywall walls and ceilings, replacing all hardware, painting the entire house, replacing the front door and storm door, and developing a new cobblestone and landscaped front yard.

“It became clear that the design proposed by Design Builders offered the solution that would best fit our requirements, and James instilled a sense of confidence and experience that set Design Builders apart from the rest,” says Ron. “The cost estimate and schedule were neither the lowest nor shortest but were realistic and we had confidence that there would not be constant ‘extras.’”

Managing Building Logistics

The design of the Steinerts’ home created one major logistical concern: How would the building materials reach the backyard without destroying the interior of the home? The only access to the yard was through the house, including a flight of stairs and the dining room. “Design Builders amazed us in theirabilityto do this efficiently and effectively without damage and without slowing down the process. Accomplishing this feat would be the foundation for thesuccessof the project,” says Ron. The result? “Design Builders exceeded our expectations.”


Also an issue for the Steinerts was the fact that they would not be present during the execution of the projects. “We felt we could trust Design Builders to maintain security of the house and do the work in an orderly and planned sequence without our having to check up on the work,” Ron adds.

The End Result: Enjoyment

The Steinerts now enjoy a home that is up to current standards, comfortable, practical for long-term maintenance and durability, and granddaughter-friendly. “The new backyard serves as our major outdoor space to relax as well as a place to BBQ.The stone patio is primarily an area for ourgranddaughterto play safely as well as reducingmaintenance.The new landscaping helped soften the area and provided a green area. The new vegetable garden area will become a place for her to learn aboutgrowingand caring for plants.”

Whether your building project is all-encompassing, like the Steinerts’, or one small upgrade, Design Builders can cater to your needs.