Top Considerations When Building Glass Roofs

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James Moylan

Monday, August 31, 2020

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Considerations When Building Glass Roofs

Building a glass roof on your outdoor structure can be a beautiful stylistic touch, but there are some considerations to keep in mind before plunging into this architectural choice. From budget to logistics, you’ll need to decide if this is truly the best option for you.

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Building a Glass Roof: What to Think Through before Saying Yes

Budgetary Issues and Glass Roofs

First and foremost, glass roofs are not a cheap option, and you need to be sure the budget for your outdoor structure can accommodate that. If money is an issue and you’re looking to economize, you will very likely have to forego a glass roof.

Why are glass roofs such a big-ticket item? It’s largely because you can’t use just any piece of glass. It needs to be a very specific type of tempered glazed glass. This ensures it’s extremely strong and can survive tree branch falls and other potential abuse an outdoor roof will take. It would be extremely dangerous to have a glass roof shatter, so the material itself is a costly and industrial part of the project.


Working with Architects and Designers to Get the Glass Roof Just Right

If you’re even thinking about installing a glass roof, that’s going to mean working with both an architect and builder. It could be one design and build firm, but you need to confirm an architect is on staff or that the company has access to a third-party architect.

When building a glass roof, everything needs to be done in accordance with that architect. The roof must be fastened with brackets that are both installed and specced correctly, and every glass roof job must be customized to that particular project.


Only Work with Experienced Companies

A job as intricate as a glass roof requires workers, designers, and builders who are knowledgeable and experienced about that kind of work. You must work with a company that has a truly skilled glass bender and has specific experience in glass construction.

This experience will help provide a better quality end product, but you can also benefit from their knowledge base. That is, you can get accurate information regarding pricing, best practice guidance, and solutions to problems your particular job poses.

A glass roof is always a collaborative team effort between your glass bender, architect, and builder.


Pros and Cons of a Glass Roof

Some of the benefits of installing a glass roof include the following:glass roof in Washington, D.C.

• As much light as possible. If you’re looking for an abundance of natural light, it really doesn’t get better than what a full glass roof offers.

• Highly contemporary look. Unless you’re doing a traditional conservatory with hardwood rafters, a glass roof tends to give an outdoor space a modern flair.

The potential downside are as follows:

• Expensive.

• Difficult to clean—especially if you’re in a wooded air with leaves, pine needles, sap, and other tree debris.

• Labor-intensive and costly upkeep.


Don’t Skimp on a Glass Roof

Some people want a glass roof but balk at the price, which leads them to go with a more budget-friendly but ultimately lower-quality roof.

The main problem with these is that the glass is typically connected with rubber gaskets, which often eventually leads to dry rot and leaking. Note that metal bracket connections are superior to rubber in this regard.

With these less expensive options, you really have to ask yourself if the product you’re getting will last long term. If it’s just going to leak, you could end up spending the same or more on a product of lesser quality.

For more detailed information about glass roofs and their relative pros and cons in your outdoor living space, please feel free to contact a representative of Design Builders, Inc.