Top 6 advantages of the online proposal review

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James Moylan

Monday, March 23, 2020

Design Builders sketchIn our building process, the online proposal review is the next step after your initial consultation. Just like that first consult, our proposal reviews are always conducted online, and that offers six main benefits to our customers.

  1. No Drive Time

We want every step of the build process to be as easy, convenient, and undisruptive as possible for our clients, and the online proposal review process helps facilitate that. With face-to-face meetings, there’s so much extra time spent behind the wheel. You have to drive to the meeting and back, and if there’s traffic, that time piles up even faster. With an online review, you can do it from home or any Internet-enabled location you’re already at, so you never have to make a dedicated trip just to perform this step of the build process.

  1. Less Carbon Footprint

An online proposal review is an inherently eco-friendly process. Rather than jumping in your car and driving to your meeting location, you can conduct the entirety of the review from the comfort of your home or anywhere that has Internet. It’s an easy way to help cut out some unnecessary emissions and gas expenditure.

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  1. No Hard Sell

Even the most well-intentioned, tactful companies can make homeowners feel uncomfortable just by virtue of being in their house. No matter how kind, respectful, and friendly the workers are, they’re still strangers, and that can put homeowners on edge. Having a face-to-face meeting can also make some people uncomfortable because they feel as if they need to commit to the purchase. Having the buffer of the screen helps eliminate that feeling of the hard sell. It’s still very much set up as a consultation, and there’s no expectation of purchase.

  1. More Thorough Educational Process

This online proposal review is meant to be a wholly educational process. At the end of the meeting, the customer should know how much things cost, how construction will be done, the ramifications of choosing one design option over another, and more. In short, if we’ve done our job, the customer will completely understand the estimate and the project they’re looking to build and will be armed with the information necessary to make sound project-related decisions moving forward. We can even cover contingencies, such as whether the homeowner wants to do a more complicated, intensive project in phases. Being in a virtual space where everyone can see and discuss all the samples and design options together makes this educational piece much smoother and allows for more comprehensive discussions.

  1. Convenience

Moving this process online makes several aspects of it much more convenient for our customers. This is particularly true when it comes to payment and contracts. We work in the CoConstruct platform, which allows payments to be done directly in their system. You can initiate a bank transfer or make a credit card payment. If, however, you’re not comfortable with either of those options, you can also physically send a check, but payments don’t need to be made in person.

All contracts can also be electronically signed. This is just as binding as a physical signature, but you don’t have to expend the time, energy, or carbon emissions driving around to sign a piece a paper.

  1. Efficiency

One of the most frustrating aspects of undertaking a home construction project is how long it can take. Some of that can’t be helped. (Permits, for example, take a certain amount of time to procure.) Other aspects, however, are definitely in the control of the company, and these initial meetings fall under that umbrella. With face-to-face meetings, rescheduling is common. Things come up. People get busy. Someone is stuck in traffic or has to go out of state for work. Any number of things can postpone a proposal review. With an online meeting, though, as long as everyone still has the ability to jump onto a computer, the meeting can go on as scheduled. Within our system, you can get a consultation one day and a comprehensive proposal review the next. The streamlined efficiency of that timeline would almost never be possible with face-to-face meetings.

We’re proud to offer our online meeting system and feel it provides our customers with myriad benefits. If you’d like to learn more about our company or how we operate, feel free to reach out today!

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