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The Design Builders online consultation : What happens when things return to normal ?

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James Moylan

Friday, March 20, 2020

Design Builders drawing

This will end.  In the meantime, you want to at least talk about the idea of adding a porch, or a deck, but you certainly don't want anyone coming to your home right now.  We get it.  Design Builders has the solution.  The Design Builders ONLINE DESIGN CONSULTATION.

Online Design Consultation: Ahead of the Curve

The world is changing.  Design Builders saw that clients didn't have the time to have someone coming out to their home to begin the deck and screened porch process.   And now we don't want anyone coming to our home, period.  Anticipating this issue of in-person meetings years ago ( we did not anticipate Corona ...) Design Builders set out to do things a little differently. Enter the online design consultation.

In this innovative process, all meetings required for your design and build project are done online. This applies across the board, from the initial consultation and estimate proposal review to the permit plan review to the final plan review. Multiple meetings are necessary to ensure customers get exactly what they want, but moving them online gives customers the freedom to complete these required steps from anywhere—whether that’s at work, from the comfort of their homes, or in any other Internet-enabled location.

When we started doing this for our clients, they immediately loved it, and as we’ve continued through the years, more and more benefits have kept presenting themselves.

Design Builders architect drawing 1

Putting the Customer First

First and foremost, Design Builders started this policy in an attempt to make the process as easy as possible for customers. We understood the struggle of in-person meetings, and we wanted to eliminate as much of the needless fuss and struggle as possible. It’s a customer-first policy that perfectly speaks to the priorities of Design Builders.

Maximizing Efficiency

Wasting time, money, and energy doesn’t do anyone any good. Online meetings help ensure the entire build process is more efficient in all those parameters. Rather than rushing around, spending time in the car, and spending money on gas, customers can just hop onto a laptop from any location and have a productive meeting.

Because it’s easier to join an online meeting, there’s also less time spent waiting at the physical location for all the attendees to arrive. Life happens. People get stuck in traffic. Online meetings mean those little everyday delays don’t take everyone’s time.


Utilizing Technology

Another great benefit of online meetings is the ability to utilize the technology at everyone’s fingertips. Using the Internet to look at samples and design ideas means the customer can tell us in real time what kinds of products they like and don’t like. Rather than having to rely on having physical samples available at the meeting, the clients can just scroll through options and tell us immediately what matches their aesthetic preferences.

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Day in and day out, so many design and build firms run into this problem of scheduling in-person meetings, but most companies just accept the hassle as part of doing business. Design Builders decided to do thing a little differently, and we’ve only seen positive results—for our customers and for the productivity of the meetings themselves.

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