Stainless Outdoor Kitchen Design Study

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James Moylan

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Danver Outdoor Kitchen Design Study in Falls Church, Virginia

If you’re an avid cook, you’re going to want to check out this outdoor kitchen we recently completed in Falls Church, Virginia! Take a look through the pictures, read about the additions we were able to include, and maybe even get inspired for the next upgrade to your outdoor living


falls_church_danver_kitchen (3)


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The Patio

This project is a fully functioning kitchen on a paver patio. When we arrived to the job, the paver patio was already in place, but we did do a bit of expansion work to ensure there was enough room to accommodate everything the client wanted in the new kitchen.

The Grill

Obviously, this homeowner loves to cook, so getting all the details of the kitchen correct was the most important aspect of this job, and one of the most imperative parts of the project was the grill. The homeowner opted for an oversize red Kamado Joe grill, which is a really nice option under the umbrella of ceramic Kamado-style grills. Because entertaining was a priority, the grill had to be large enough to make that feasible, so the eight-burner option was selected and installed.


For additional convenience and versatility, another full grill was installed next to the Kamado smoker. Ensuring even the most elaborate meal could be coordinated and completed outside, a side burner was put next to that grill, and a warming drawer was installed underneath.

The Sink

Again, because entertaining was very much on the table for this homeowner, an outdoor sink was a really important luxury. For one, it allows for access to hot and cold water while cooking, but it also means you can immediately rinse or even clean dishes and utensils after the meal. This eases and speeds up the less fun part of entertaining—cleaning up.

In general, outdoor sinks are a challenge. They’re certainly doable, but they present additional complexity to any job. Often, you have to find the hot and cold water, as well as the drain, in the basement and then trench to the appropriate depth to hook up the system. Everything must vent and function properly, and more often than not, you’re fighting gravity. Again, these are all surmountable challenges, but they do require some extra work and expense.


Remember, outdoor sinks also need covers because the water goes directly back into the city supply, and you can’t be inadvertently collecting rainwater and sending that into city water.

The Cabinets

The cabinets in this project are Danver stainless steel. The homeowner opted for the Hampton door style in the Winter Sky powder coat color. The stainless steel is durable enough to withstand Virginia’s weather extremes between seasons, and the powder coating means the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about dealing with the fingerprints or smudges that can be visible on bare stainless steel. As some of the more aesthetically beautiful cabinets on the market, they also offer the project a clean, modern, streamlined feel.

As a design and build firm, we’re fanatical about the details, and that includes ensuring any new project works well with the existing home. In this case, the chosen cabinet color blended seamlessly with both the natural paver patio and the Craftsman-style home’s current siding.


The Island

The sink was installed within an island because, as any good cook knows, there can never be enough additional counter space! The homeowner also wanted to ensure there would be an area with a counter where people could sit. Especially when entertaining, this small feature is a great way to be able to continue to engage with your guests while cooking.

The Countertop

Tying the aesthetics of the entire project together is the beautiful dark granite countertop. In addition to the sleek look, granite also offers a host of benefits, including its durability, the value it adds to the home, the eco-friendly nature of the material, its resistance to dirt and bacteria, and much more.

For all the avid cooks and consummate hosts out there, if you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor living space or you want to create an entirely new outdoor living area, consider the benefits of an outdoor kitchen. Hopefully this project can serve as your initial inspiration and get you thinking about what you’d want in your dream outdoor kitchen!