What Makes the SCREENEZE® Sliding Door Different?

James Moylan

Thursday, December 28, 2023

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Top Benefits of the SCREENEZE® Zero-Clearance Sliding Screen Door

Screen doors in outdoor living spaces are notorious for posing problems. Needing to use precious space for the door to swing open. Blocking the property’s view. Having to frequently repair or replace sagging screening. From logistics to aesthetics, screen doors have always been a difficult component to navigate when creating the ideal outdoor living space.Contact Us Today !

But now there’s good news for homeowners. One company has created a door that addresses these complications. Here’s what sets the SCREENEZE® Zero-Clearance Sliding Screen Door apart.

8 Solutions the SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door Offers

Homeowners with outdoor living spaces, there’s finally a way to say goodbye to those common door-related hassles

1. No More Dead Floor Space

In a screen porch or other outdoor living space, every square inch is valuable. Since you’re not usually working with a massive area, even the space needed to accommodate a traditional swinging door is a big deal. It leaves you with an entire area that doesn’t serve any real functional or aesthetic purpose.

With a SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door, you don’t lose any usable floor space. Rather than accommodating a standard swinging door, the SCREENEZE® door solution smoothly slides open using stainless steel ball bearing glides.

2. Simplistic, Smooth Installation Process

The SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door comes as a complete kit, so everything you need is included. That means screen fabric and hardware are covered.

Additionally, all necessary components and door hardware are pre-drilled. This makes the installation process smoother and faster.

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3. Reduced Overall Hassle and Maintenance

A traditional screen door has you dealing with multiple pieces, such as:

  • Hinges
  • Closers
  • Sweeps
  • Staples
  • Splines

None of those are necessary or present with the SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door.

What does that mean for you? Fewer moving pieces to maintain. Less expense related to maintenance or replacement. Less overall hassle and more seamless enjoyment of your screen porch.

(Also, no more having the screen porch door hit you in the heels on the way in!)

4. Less Fear of Wind Damage

Traditional screen doors are vulnerable to wind damage. SCREENEZE® installations, on the other hand, have routinely survived even the most adverse weather conditions. This includes hurricane-force winds and tornadoes.

Want to watch the system withstand wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour? Check out their collaboration with INTERTEK, the top quality assurance provider.

(That’s not even mentioning the screen’s ability to withstand dogs, kids, and even full-grown adults slamming directly into them!)

5. Quick, Efficient, and Cost Effective

Traditional screen doors often create numerous maintenance headaches. Maybe it’s the screen fabric sagging over time. Maybe it’s a cut in the fabric that requires unsightly patching. Or maybe, worst of all, it’s having to totally replace the screen fabric with aggravating, time-consuming splines.

Since the SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door uses the same technology as their traditional screening systems, you don’t have to deal with any of those issues. The entire system is designed to be a long-lasting, highly durable, low-maintenance solution.

The aluminum door incorporates 403 stainless steel ball bearing glides alongside traditional SCREENEZE® snap technology. This:

  • Creates strength and simplicity
  • Save you time and money
  • Cuts down on the hassle of screen door installation and maintenance

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6. Spacious, Versatile Door Opening

In many modern outdoor living spaces, homeowners are looking to replicate the look and feel of their interior space. This means full couches, tables, and other furniture and accessories are common.

With the SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door, you’ll have 36 inches of width to work with. You can also check out the new SCREENEZE® French Door Kits. These combine two of the sliding screen doors for a more modern, contemporary approach. It also doubles your overall opening width. The French Door Kit provides more fresh air, a larger moving space, and a unique aesthetic to any outdoor living space.

7. Crisp, Clear, Unobstructed Views

The SCREENEZE® System can span up to 150 square feet. This accommodates large, uninterrupted views. The SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door uses the same self-tightening, no-spline technology, removing any concern of view disruptions. This also means better airflow and more natural light. 

8. Clean, Modern Door Aesthetic

The SCREENEZE® Sliding Screen Door is a barn door style, offering a design aesthetic that’s upscale and modern yet timeless. While a traditional door can certainly work for an outdoor living space, many homeowners find it’s not as contemporary or aesthetically appealing as that barn door style.

What Are All the Door Options for Your Northern Virginia or Maryland Screen Porch?

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