Introduction to Archatrak Tile Pavers

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James Moylan

Tuesday, October 17, 2023


Archatrak is Porcelain Tile Decking with Low-Maintenance and High-Performance

If you’re in the market for a decking material to surface your patio or rooftop deck project, you’ve probably considered all the usual suspects: wood, concrete, stone, and standard deck tiles. One material you might not have considered, however, is porcelain. With its durability, resistance to staining and fading, lighter weight, and host of other benefits, porcelain pavers are on the rise in the home improvement industry, and Archatrak is at the forefront of that material.

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Archatrak: The Early Days

Initially, Archatrak primarily sold interlocking deck tiles, which were largely targeted to the do-it-yourself homeowner market. The 12” by 12” tiles were created in ipe wood, slate, granite, and more, and they were ideal for anyone who wanted to quickly and cheaply resurface an old concrete or outdated tile patio.

By approximately 2006, though, the owner of Archatrak was introduced to porcelain pavers for exterior jobs. Although this decking material was frequently used and lauded in Europe, the company owner looked around the US market and realized no one was selling it. The owner was then integral in introducing and, eventually, popularizing this material in that North American market.

While Archatrak still sells those original interlocking tiles, the vast majority of their current efforts and business are in the porcelain paver and adjustable pedestal system sector.

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How Can You Use Archatrak?

Archatrak porcelain pavers are durable and versatile and can be used in a number of projects, including the following:

  • Any on-grade paving project
  • Driveway surfaces (on higher-end homes)
  • Patios
  • Outdoor seating areas
  • Rooftop decks

Especially when it comes to ground-level exterior spaces, anywhere where you’d traditionally have concrete, Archatrak porcelain tiles are a viable alternative. As an added benefit, the patio preparation process is exactly the same for concrete and porcelain. Simply prepare a sand or gravel bed as you would for concrete pavers, but place the porcelain tiles instead. No need to learn a new system for your next patio install.


Images in this article courtesy of Archatrak

Where Is Archatrak Most Popular?

The primary use of Archatrak is on an adjustable pedestal system for a rooftop deck, and since these exterior spaces tend to be where square footage is precious, the company’s main market is high-density urban areas, such as New York City, Chicago, parts of New Jersey, and others. They’re also currently making successful pushes into San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle. However, they are proving to be ideal for rooftop decks and small backyard spaces in Washington, DC, Chevy Chase, and Bethesda, Maryland. 

As this material gains additional traction and notice across the States, homeowners, landscape architects, and contractors alike are becoming increasingly familiar and comfortable with porcelain pavers as an alternative to traditional concrete. As this is happening, other markets, such as Nashville, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Miami, and others, are taking off as well. 

3 Things You Might Not Know about Archatrak

1. Porcelain is the lifeblood of Archatrak.

Some companies sell porcelain and concrete and any number of other items that can be used for decking material. Archatrak, on the other hand, focuses almost exclusively on porcelain. Rather than trying to offer a slew of products, Archatrak chooses to do one thing—and to do that one thing well.

2. You have a lot of options with Archatrak.

Some homeowners fall into the trap of thinking that because Archatrak specializes in one product type, the available options are limited. This simply isn’t the case. With just over forty colors warehoused at any given time, you’re almost certain to find a color scheme and style that suit your existing or desired aesthetic. Choose from rustic or modern urban looks, as well as pavers that simulate wood, cement, and stone looks.

3. The lead time with Archatrak is usually short. Really short.

Because of the extensive amount and diversity of product Archatrak keeps continually warehoused, the vast majority of items ordered are shipped within twenty-four hours. This means it’s usually only a couple of days between ordering and actually receiving the product on your doorstep. No more waiting through weeks and weeks of lead time to get what you ordered!

If you’re looking for a material to surface an outdoor project—whether it’s a rooftop deck or a ground-level patio—make sure to check out Archatrak. If you think heavy, porous concrete slabs are your only option, you might be surprised at the variety and advantages of what today’s market has to offer!

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