How Effective is an Infratech Heater in Cold Weather?

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James Moylan

Friday, November 29, 2019

infratech outdoor heater in a maryland screen room

If you’re interested in installing Infratech heaters in your outdoor living space, one of the most pressing questions you’re sure to have is how effective these heaters are at combating the cold weather. This is perhaps the most important factor to research before installing any heater because it could affect just how much added versatility you get out of your outdoor space and how many added weeks and months you can use it per year.

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inf 6Approach Heater Research with Realistic Expectations

The first takeaway from heater research should be that heaters aren’t going to make an outdoor space comfortable in any temperature. No matter what heating system you install, hanging out outside in thirty-degree weather is going to be unpleasant. Temper expectations going in, and you’re going to be a lot more productive in choosing the right heaters for you and a lot happier with the results you get.

When Are Heaters Ideal?

If heaters aren’t going to allow you to comfortably use your outdoor space in the deep freeze of winter, when are they most effective? Heaters are perfect for shoulder seasons; fall to early winter, and late winter to spring provide ideal heater conditions.

When it’s chilly in the morning and at night but relatively comfortable and warm during the day, that’s the perfect time for Infratech heaters. They can take that extra chill off during the early and late hours and allow you to enjoy your deck, screen porch, or other outdoor area throughout the day.

Remember, though, just because it’s sunny during the day doesn’t mean heaters are going to be effective. On a clear, sunny day in winter, the temperature can still be bitterly cold. As a rule of thumb, if the sun isn’t warming you up, then the heaters won’t either.

How Many Degrees Difference Does Infratech Make?

In general, Infratech outdoor heaters are said to add about six degrees of perceived temperature increase for extended exposure (more than 30 minutes). Therefore, if the temperature outside is sixty and just a bit chilly, Infratech infrared heaters will increased that perceived temperature to a comfortable sixty-six.

However, this specific number of degrees is somewhat arbitrary. Everyone will perceive the temperature change differently. For example, a large male and a petite female are going to feel that temperature swing differently, so it’s difficult to quantify exactly how each individual is going to experience the effect of the heaters.

How to Most Effectively Use Infratech Heaters in Maryland and Virginia

One of the best ways to effectively use an Infratech heater in Maryland is by turning the heater all the way up in order to warm the furniture and seats themselves. You can then dial down the level to about 75 percent (or to a temperature otherwise at your comfort level, depending on ambient air temperature and how you personally perceive the heat difference). This adjustability is one tremendous benefits of electric heaters: they promise a level of versatility for different weather conditions that isn’t easily attainable with other heating systems.

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Prolonging How Long You Can Use Your Screened Room in Virginia

To make your stylish outdoor space maximally useful, it’s a good idea to combat the wind. If you know, for example, that your porch faces prevailing cold fronts, consider planting trees or shrubs to block that wind. Reducing the wind chill will help keep the base temperature of the outdoor space higher and thus prolong the heaters’ effectiveness.

Remember, electric heaters have no flames, so the wind does not directly affect how effectively the heaters operate. Gas heaters, however, do have flames. They are typically rated for up to ten miles-per-hour of wind before their effectiveness begins to rapidly decline.

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