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Who Is the Ideal Danver Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Customer?

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James Moylan

Monday, January 11, 2016


Danver Outdoor Kitchens specializes in a very specific type of high-end stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinetry, and because that product is so specialized, the brand typically attracts a certain type of customer. While anyone can appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship and beauty of their stainless steel cabinets, the president and founder of Danver, Mitchell Slater, discussed whom he considers the ideal customer for their unique product line.

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The Best Potential Customers

As far as Slater is concerned, their ideal customers usually come to the cabinet search from the design or architecture field. Their ideal customers can also include people who work closely with those designers or architects.

“These people—the designers, the architects, or the people working with them—they recognize the beauty of the cabinets,” Slater said. “They also recognize the special position in the market that the cabinets fit.”

By virtue of working in and around high-end materials (or being familiar with that level of artistry), these individuals are better able to truly appreciate the level of work and detail that goes into every stainless steel cabinet by Danver.

Functionality and Aesthetics

Slater notes that many people looking for kitchen cabinetry are simply seeking functionality. While Danver cabinets are certainly functional, their ideal customer recognizes the potential beyond that.

“Our focus is on the beautification of the space,” Slater says. “People who care about the entertainment space and how it looks are much more apt to buy our product.”

Slater, however, is quick to point out that customers needn’t choose between function and style. Danver offers a product that delivers on both fronts.

“The people who are focused on the grills and other cooking aspects of cabinetry might or might not be the same people who are appreciating the details and intricacies of our cabinets,” Slater said. “But luckily for all our customers, our cabinets will fit any manufacturer’s grills, refrigerators, bartending centers, and more.”

This versatility offered by Danver Outdoor Kitchen cabinetry truly sets it apart from its competitors, and those who recognize this comprise what Danver considers its base of ideal customers.

Danver Customers and Priorities

To question whether looks or function is more important to outdoor cabinets is in many ways to miss the point. Because Danver is compatible with any manufacturer, customers don’t have to settle for plain but functional cabinets, but they also don’t need to go through the frustration of beautiful but less-than-functional units. Danver puts an equal premium on both qualities and delivers both form and function in one package.

While Slater acknowledges that anyone can enjoy Danver cabinets and, therefore, be considered their ideal customer, people who understand they don’t need to settle for anything less than ultimate function and exquisite beauty are those who truly grasp what Danver is looking to accomplish.

If you’re interested in what Danver Outdoor Kitchen has to provide in terms of high-end outdoor stainless steel cabinetry, or if you have any questions about how their products might fit in your existing or upcoming exterior space, please feel free to contact a representative of Design Builders, Inc.